How To Sublimation on Glitter HTV and Its Benefit In 2022

What is sublimation?

Sublimation is a type of printing that directly transfers a specific design or image onto different materials and fabrics. This functions on a heating mechanism that transforms ink into gas by heating it at an incredibly high temperature.

Whether you want to create customised jersey, mugs or images, sublimation is your go-to choice. It has for long ruled the crafting industry by offering outputs highly enriched in colours and quality. Making use of an efficient and accurate heating mechanism, sublimation can be performed on a myriad of objects including cotton and polymer coated materials.

Sublimation On Glitter HTV

However, the most latest advancement in this outstanding process came with sublimation becoming possible glitter heat transfer vinyl! This has opened a new door for personalized stickers but also raised several questions about it.

But you don’t need to worry about doing this process the wrong way as our article is here to guide you about the steps, benefits and other important details involved with sublimating on glitter heat transfer vinyl. So continue reading ahead and learn how to get detailed images like never before by following a few simple steps!

Benefits of Sublimation on Glitter HTV

Be it for cotton, glitter HTV or polymer materials, sublimation has numerous benefits over other conventional printing and cutting machines. It offers you long lasting durability by forming a permanent bond on light coloured fabrics and polymer coated materials through direct conversion of ink into gas.

In addition to this, sublimated materials have undefeated photographic quality and vision. These contain high definition colours and are resistant towards cracking, peeling or washing away with time and water.

Sublimation On Glitter HTV

Perhaps, the most important advantage of carrying out sublimation on heat transfer vinyl is the added customizability they offer. Serving as a base for sublimated output, you can create the most creative and innovative images through this process on not only light coloured surfaces, but dark and neon colour themes as well!

How to sublimate on glitter HTV

Having mentioned the present advantages of sublimation on different surfaces, let us talk about the steps you need to follow to sublimate glitter heat transfer vinyl without any damage or confusion.

Gathering Materials

Before you begin sublimating, make sure you have the following equipment and materials ready with you.

  • Sublimation Printer, preferably an inkjet one
  • Sublimation Inks
  • Glitter heat transfer vinyl
  • Sublimation transfer paper
  • Fabric or material you want the image on

Creating the design

Once you have successfully gathered all of the materials listed, it is time to create the image you want to sublimate. You can use different applications for this like design space, Adobe Photoshop and other popular editors. Make sure the image you have created or chosen is of the same size as that of your sublimation transfer paper.

Printing the design

Now, print the customised top image using your dedicated inkjet sublimation printer. The most recommended printer for this is the Epson and Virtuoso sublimation printer.

Set your printer’s heat press to 320 degrees and give it time to preheat. Once it has set, mirror your custom designed image and print it.

Preparing the vinyl

The next step is to get the glitter heat transfer vinyl printed and weed it thoroughly.

As soon as your heat press has reached the set temperature, position the material you want the glitter HTV on the heat press. Afterwards, position the image you want printed on the material as per your need, with the vinyl side facing down.

Finally, place the non-stick paper over the vinyl and apply pressure for exactly fifteen seconds. Adjust to maintain consistent pressure over the page.

Sublimating the glitter HTV

Once you are done, it is time to open the heat press and extract the non-stick sheet. At this point, the vinyl must have stuck on the sheet’s backside and needs to be peeled off.

Lastly, set the temperature of the heat press to 400 degrees Celsius to begin sublimation.

When it has reached this value, put the printed image on top of the heated vinyl with its face down. Cover it with the non-stick sheet and apply even pressure for exactly one minute.

Once your printer starts beeping, it is time to open the heat press and take out your prepared sublimated glitter HTV sheet. At last, peel the paper off and get ready to catch the attention of everyone with this high quality and coloured glitter heat transfer vinyl!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

For a long time, the answer to this was a no but with recent advancement in technology, sublimation on glitter HTV has been made possible! You can sublimate glitter made out of polyester easily and utilise it on a wide range of objects including garments and every other surface that works with HTV!

The answer to this varies from the type and brand of sublimating printer you use. Generally, after cutting, weeding and pressing on the surface, you need barely three seconds to sublimate the glitter on heated vinyl.

While pressing firmly on the layers of vinyl and non-stick sheet for sixty seconds, the heat press temperature of your printer should be 365° Fahrenheit.

The biggest restriction for sublimation is its incompatibility with dark coloured fabrics and surfaces. However, you can use the white glitter heat transfer vinyl as a base for the finalised sublimated image for greater versatility! This gives you the opportunity to sublimate and create designs on neon and relatively dark surfaces too!

Yes! Just like with glitter, you can sublimate on epoxy resin once your sublimation printer has cooled down to a normal temperature. Do this by following the usual steps for sublimating regular glitter tumblers.


And with that being said, we have reached the end of our comprehensive article about sublimation on glitter heat transfer vinyl (HTV). Although this process is a relatively new one to carry out, with our easy to follow steps and answered questions, you will be able to sublimate on glitter HTVs flawlessly and leave everyone gawking at them in awe!