Top 7 Best Mini Sticker Printers of 2022-Reviews and Buyers-guide

Sticker printers have gradually become one of the most popular devices to own. They help boost productivity by printing good quality and cheap stickers at home. But what if you need to constantly travel between your work office and home without compromising your sticker printing business?

Mini Sticker Printer

For everyone to whom portability is important, we have enlisted the best mini sticker printers for you! These are compact in size and thereby, easy to carry around from place to place! Without further ado, let’s take a look at the top seven mini sticker printers of this year.

List of best mini sticker printers?

i. Phomemo M02 Portable Pocket Printer
ii.Phomemo Mini M02S Bluetooth Wireless Pocket Printer
iii.Buyounger Mini Portable Sticker Printer
iv.Phomemo M02 Bluetooth Pocket Printer
v.Memoking T02 Sticker Printer
vi.LetSketch Mini 9512 Thermal Picture Inkless Sticker Printer
vii. Ponek Mini Pocket Sticker Printer
Buyers Guide

Top 7 Best Portable Sticker Printer

Let us take a look at the top best mini sticker printer along with the features and specifications that make them the very best at their job!

Phomemo M02 Portable Pocket Printer

portable sticker printer

Let’s start this list with the most versatile and portable sticker printer for every hobbyist. The Phomemo M02 pocket printer is designed to fulfil all your journaling and studying needs. From photos, small texts, handwritten notes to creative graffiti and cartoon printing, the M02 supports different types of printing apart from high quality stickers!

Now, why not shine some light on the portability of the multi-propose Phomemo M02 Pocket Printer. It is finished in a super compact size of 3.3 by 3.2 by 1.65 inches and easy to slip inside your pocket. Phomemo M02 has an aesthetic and stylish finish and makes sure to grasp the attention of all onlookers instantly.

One major problem with portability of printers is the printing mechanism it functions on. To allow printing from remote locations, Phomemo M02 contains an integrated 1000mAh battery. This works for almost a week on standby time with full battery and does not need you to plug it to any socket. Moreover, the direct thermal technology of Phomemo’s pocket printer makes it a budget-friendly choice!

Finally, the Cricut free design software space helps provide a supportive and creative platform to all crafts makers. With this, you can share your own creation or browse through the huge library with over 10,000 projects on it and look for inspiration for your new project!


  • Multi-purpose printer for sticker, note and photo printing
  • Portable and pocket friendly size with minimalist exterior
  • Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity for Android 4.0 and iOS 8.0 and above models
  • Integrated 1000mAH battery lasts for a week on standby mode
  • Phomemo application offers good editing tools including sticker templates and text fonts
  • Operates on direct thermal technology to save ink cost
  • Reasonably priced and very easy to use


  • Does not support coloured printing
  • Printout colours fade with time

The Phomemo M02 Portable Pocket Printer does a wonderful job at stickers as well as any other type of monochromatic printing. It is easy on your pocket with the inkless technology and looks good on the outside too!

Phomemo Mini M02S Bluetooth Wireless Paper Pocket Printer

mini sticker printer

Having talked about the brilliance of Phomemo just now, let’s review another one of its best rated mini sticker printers. The Phomemo M02S Wireless Pocket Printer is designed to meet your photo, sticker and note printing demands. It is compatible with over forty different kinds of thermal paper including transparent, semi-transparent, gold, silver, colour stickers and glossy photo paper!

Next, let’s discuss the networking of a versatile Mini M02S pocket printer. As the name states, Phomemo’s M02S has wireless connectivity along with Bluetooth facility. This allows it to connect with all Android and iOS devices immediately. Furthermore, the mini printer features a USB interface and includes free sample paper to test on.

To enhance the portability of Mini M02S paper printers, Phomemo includes a built-in lithium polymer battery. This has a long battery life and allows you to print stickers even from locations with no electrical outlet. Secondly, to minimise the money spent on ink cartridges, M02S operates on direct thermal technology and guarantees cheap in price but expensive quality printouts!


  • Compact and lightweight design of 350 grams
  • Suitable for sticker, note and photo printing
  • Compatible with forty kinds of 53 mm thermal paper including transparent, glossy photo and colour sticker pages
  • Wireless networking with Bluetooth facility
  • Compatible with iOS, Android and PC using USB interface
  • Direct thermal print technology for low economic cost
  • Includes vast free template library which is updated every two weeks
  • Built-in lithium polymer long lasting battery


  • Only supports black and white printing
  • Print quality is low and grainy

Similar to Phomemo’s M02, the updated M02S mini pocket printer offers its users an enjoyable and user-friendly printing experience. Despite having some concerns raised over its print quality, the wireless mini printer is one of the best multi-purpose mini sticker printers as of now.

Buyounger Mini Portable Sticker Printer

portable sticker prinrter

Finished in an extremely compact and palm-sized design, the handheld Buyounger sticker printer is another stellar product. It facilitates a wide range of printing styles including notes, labels, QR codes and photos. Moreover, the rechargeable 1000mAH lithium-ion battery lasts for a long period and minimises the need for replacing batteries quickly.

Are you looking for incredibly crisp sticker quality but at a low economic cost? Buyounger Mini Portable brings life to this dream with its inkless and sustainable direct thermal technology. This saves you ink cartridge cost while granting a high-definition printout of 203 DPI resolution!

To add to this, Buyounger Sticker Printer is equipped with a fast and top-notch quality print head to consume less time and boost your productivity. Thirdly, this efficient mini portable printer has wireless connectivity for remote printing. You can simply turn on the Bluetooth facility on your smartphone and watch the printer connect with your device within a second. 


  • Palm-sized design for easy carrying
  • Uses budget friendly direct thermal print technology
  • Good quality print head for high 203 DPI image resolution
  • Operates without making any loud noises
  • Suitable for memo, QR code, notes and label printing
  • Works on thermal paper between width 56 to 58 mm
  • One second instant Bluetooth connectivity
  • Super fast print speed
  • Rechargeable and long-lasting lithium-ion 1000mAH battery
  • Compatible with iOS, Android and Windows with USB interface


  • Moderate to low photo quality
  • The template app is paid and difficult to use

Surely enough, Buyonger Mini Portable Sticker Printer is a reliable device and customer favourite of many. It offers all the facilities needed for high quality label and sticker printing but we recommend considering another option if you are solely aiming for photo printing.

Phomemo M02 Bluetooth Pocket Printer

mini sticker printer

Next up on the list, we have the most user-friendly mini sticker printer for you. The Phomemo M02 Pocket Printer contains a long list of features and is designed to be incredibly easy to set up and use. Phomemo M02 adequately prints labels, notes and stickers on a wide range of paper rolls! The speciality of these paper rolls is the creativity achieved by combining different tapes into your desired style! 

Now, let’s talk about the performance of the Phomemo M02 Pocket Printer. It comes with an integrated 1000mAh rechargeable which has a magnificent battery life of eight hours. Along with this, the Bluetooth connectivity of this sticker printer allows you to connect your Android and iOS devices within a distance of ten metres apart.

As in the case of most Phomemo’s products, the M02 pocket printer operates on direct thermal print technology. This saves you the expenditure on ink cartridges all the while offering good print out resolution of 203 DPI. You can also adjust the darkness of paper rolls between fine, medium and thick to get an ideal print quality by following three simple steps!


  • Pocket sized design with light weight of 6.7 ounces
  • Direct thermal technology for inkless printing with high 203 DPI resolution
  • Bluetooth connectivity with Android and iOS devices within 10 metres
  • Rechargeable 100mAH built-in battery which charges in 1.5 hours and lasts for 8 hours
  • Compatible with Android devices of version 4.0 and above or iOS 8.0 devices
  • Adjustable paper rolls between fine, medium or thick darkness options
  • Phomemo app includes thousands of sticker templates and editing tools
  • Very easy and fast to set-up, use and change paper rolls


  • Only supports black and white printing
  • Phomemo app is a little confusing to use

For anyone looking for a mini sticker printer with extraordinary ease of use and print quality, the Phomemo M02 Bluetooth Pocket Printer is the right match for you. The only downside of this device is its inability to carry out coloured printing although the supported coloured paper rolls help make up for this flaw.

Memoking T02 Sticker Printer-Mini Portable

photo sticker printer

Memoking is another name that has always been applauded for its smart yet simple electronic devices. The T02 Mini Printer is the latest addition to this list and deemed as the most compatible portable sticker printer. Finished in an incredibly light weight of 150 grams and compact design, you can carry Memoking T02 around you without any difficulty.

Memoking’s portable mini sticker printer functions on wirelessly connectivity. You can use the Bluetooth application of the printer to connect it with your smartphone in a matter of seconds. Additionally, Memoking T02 has a rechargeable battery to facilitate printing from remote locations with no electrical outlet present.

The feature that has drawn the attention of many professional sticker and photo editors is the completely free yet creative editing tools of the Memoking Photo Editing app. With this, you can add text, pictures and QR codes to your stickers and browse through the hundred downloaded sticker templates. Lastly, you can even scan text and QR codes, making digital advertising effortless and efficient!


  • Compact and lightweight design of 150 grams
  • Super easy to setup and use and finished in a cute aesthetic exterior
  • Wireless networking with Bluetooth facility for Android and iOS devices
  • Completely free sticker and photo editing app with hundreds of templates and other smart features
  • Integrated and reliable 100mAH rechargeable battery
  • Suitable for monochromatic photos, memos, to-do lists, QR codes and records with vivid 203 DPI resolution


  • Replacing paper rolls is quite expensive
  • Memoking App is prone to few glitches

Although buying replacements for its paper rolls can be a little pricey, the Memoking T02 Mini Portable Sticker printer makes sure this investment is not gone to vain with its creative editing tools and wireless connectivity. Alas, the suitability of the printer for different kinds of uses including QR codes and memos make it the best all-in-on mini sticker printer of 2021.

LetSketch Mini 9512 Thermal Picture Inkless Sticker Printer

photo sticker printer

For people who rely on sticker templates and photo editors to boost the quality of your printout, LetSketch 9512 Mini is the best portable sticker printer for you! It is designed to cater all types of printing styles be it photo, sticker, receipt or label printing with its versatile specifications. The printer makes use of the free iLabel mobile phone application to provide you with ten font styles, thousands of templates and customizable text styles!

Don’t let the remarkably compact yet stylish design of LetSketch 9512 Mini fool you about its performance. This multi-purpose sticker printer features a built-in lithium-ion battery of 800mAH. With a fast charging C-type port, your printer recharges within three hours and operates without making any loud and obnoxious noises.

If high resolution in your stickers and photos is crucial to you, then you will be pleased to learn about the phenomenal 300 DPI image resolution of LetSketch Mini 9512 Thermal Printer. It functions on direct thermal technology and lowers your toner costs completely. Secondly, the printer has wireless networking with Android 4.3 above and iOS 9.0 above models.


  • Portable and eye-catching exterior
  • Suitable for sticker, photo, list, receipt and label printing
  • Features 800mAh lithium battery with fast C-Type charging port
  • Wireless connection and compatible with Android 4.3 above and iOS 9.0 above devices
  • Direct thermal technology with fantastic 300 DPI print resolution
  • Instant and easy to use without making loud noises
  • Built-in iLabel application has a vast template library and ten font styles
  • Affordable price
  • Includes 7 rolls (3 for sticker and 4 normal paper)


  • Print quality decreases with time
  • Device heats up quickly
  • Font size cannot be adjusted, hard to read receipts

Despite not being the best sticker printer for long term use given its decreasing quality and overheating technology, the LetSketch Mini 9512 does an outstanding job for the low price it is sold at. This sticker printer is perfect for home-based use and flexible editing of your stickers, photos and labels professionally.

Ponek Mini Pocket Sticker Printer

mini sticker printer

What is a better way to end this list than with the best overall mini sticker printer of all time? Ponek has made a name for itself among the customers and continues to progress its popularity with products as efficient as the mini portable pocket sticker printer. It is the perfect device for journaling and facilitates photo, notes, list and sticker printing.

Furthermore, Ponek Mini has wireless connectivity and Bluetooth facility. By making use of this, you can instantly connect and control the printer with Android 4.0+ and iOS 9.0+ devices. Are you looking for a printer that retains its print quality even after ten years? The Ponek Mini is here to guarantee resistance against fading and function on more than ten different types of printing pages.

One of the most spectacular features of Ponek Mini Sticker Printer is its creative and powerful Phomemo App. This contains numerous sticker templates, graphics, font styles and themes to customise your sticker with and they are frequently updated after every two weeks! Finally, the built-in 1000mAh rechargeable battery enhances portability of the Ponek Printer and lasts for a week on full charge.


  • Portable size of 9.1 ounces and 4.5 by 3.8 by 2.2 inches
  • Used for photo, memo, sticker, notes and receipt printing
  • Wireless network with Bluetooth feature
  • Compatible with Android 4.0 and above and iOS 9.0 and above version
  • Powerful Phomemo app with thousands of templates, graphics and fonts
  • Phomemo app is updated every two weeks with new fonts and sheets
  • Good and everlasting printout quality
  • Supports more than ten different types of thermal papers
  • Built-in lithium-ion 1000mAh battery with life of one week


  • Only monochromatic printing

Ponek Mini Pocket Sticker Printer is undoubtedly the best mini sticker printer for monochrome printing. It promises ease of use and print quality that lasts for over ten years without fading away. You should definitely try Ponek’s printer and play around with the thousands of templates to create the most creative and attractive sticker design.

Buying Guide

Now that we have enlisted down the best mini sticker printers available for you, let us briefly discuss the features that make them the very best at their job. Remember to always look for these specifications before buying any portable sticker printer to deduce its compatibility with your style of printing.


The size of every mini sticker printer plays the most pivotal role in determining its portability. The best mini printer is usually pocket or palm-sized and has a weight of less than 300 grams. Before buying a sticker printer, make sure that it is easy enough to fit in your pouch or pocket and light enough to carry around without any damage to the device.


Print resolution is another key detail that needs to be evaluated before finding the right printer for you. Resolution defines the clarity of your printouts and is measured in dots per inches (DPI). For sticker printing, good resolution is mandatory and we recommend getting a printer with a DPI value of 800 or more!

Media Compatibility

Next, you always need to ensure that any mini printer is compatible with the type of pages you plan to use it on. This is known as media compatibility and there are several page options to choose from.

For sticker printing, you can use more than twenty different types of normal as well as thermal pages to get your desired print quality. Look for a printer that supports at least ten variable thermal pages apart from the plain white page for adequate sticker printing.


Networking options of every printer also play a part in deducing their portability. In the case of mini sticker printing, it is significant that your printer has Bluetooth connectivity for wireless printing from smartphones. But make sure your Android or iOS version is supported by the printer. Also, if you are more comfortable with editing stickers on a PC over your phone, look for a printer that has a USB interface.


Lastly, the price of every mini sticker printer must be debated over before making the final choice. Portable printers are generally quite affordable but their price varies depending upon the versatility and features. Always look for a  printer that facilities your desired sticker, label or photo printing style but is not too harsh on your pocket as well. A compromise between quality and cost should always be reached.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ’s )

The answer to this varies depending upon the printer brand, technology and versatility. Usually, a mini sticker printer starts at 50 dollars and is as expensive as up to 200 dollars depending upon the features it offers like the expensive but efficient Fujifilm mini printer worth about 180 dollars.

Yes, you can print stickers with every printer but there is no gurantee about its quality. An all purpose printer is suitable for sticker as well as photo printing but if you are looking to print labels, you will need a general purpose printer.

Between inkjet and laser technology, always go for an inkjet printer for sticker printing. It uses pigment-based ink and supports different paper types that can be used for sticker printing. Your sticker has a greater chance of turning out crisp and vivid with an inkjet printer ad compared to a thermal or laser printer.


And with that being said, we conclude our article about the best mini sticker printers for use! We hope that our list helps you make this decision and the buyers guide educates you on the important aspects of every portable sticker printer. Have a great and joyous time making creative stickers!