How to make Vinyl Stickers in 2022

Crafting stickers at home has become the new norm of today’s world. DIY stickers are a great way to be productive and creative while saving money that is otherwise spent on ready-made stickers. But how do you make vinyl stickers at home? We are here to answer this question with a thorough yet easy-to-follow step-by-step guide about making vinyl stickers!

how to make vinyl stickers
What are vinyl stickers
Printing vinyl stickers
Making vinyl stickers using cricut
Making vinyl stickers without a machine
Making die cut stickers

What are Vinyl Stickers?

Just like paper stickers, vinyl stickers are used for a variety of purposes including journaling and wall murals. However, they differ from paper stickers in terms of quality and durability. Vinyl stickers are made from high-quality vinyl material which is not easy to bend or tear, unlike paper stickers.

They are also more protected against fading of colors and therefore, suitable for long-term use. Vinyl stickers are the best choice if you plan to apply your stickers in rugged environments and advertise your business to the right audience.

Making Vinyl Stickers at home

Keeping in mind the benefits of making vinyl stickers at home, it is no wonder many people try to craft these stickers themselves. But doing so can be a confusing task without the right resources and guidance. Therefore, we have listed down four different methods of making vinyl as well as die-cut stickers at home using printers, Cricut cutting machines, and no machines at all. Without further ado, let’s take a look at each of these methods in detail.

Method one: Printing Vinyl Stickers

Let’s start by talking about how to print vinyl stickers using a sticker printing machine. You need to start this procedure by deciding on a vinyl sticker design you intend to print using the printer. To do this, you can either look up sticker templates online or create a completely new design using any image editing software like Photoshop.

Next, paste your designs on a new page and make sure it is perfectly aligned by checking their print preview. Feed your inkjet or laser printer the standard vinyl sticker paper of size 8” by 11” and send the printing command. Always check the compatibility of your sticker paper with the printer to get high-quality outputs and place the paper with its non-adhesive facing upwards.

Once your sticker page has been printed, start laminating it by removing any air bubbles using a card. After lamination is completed, cut out your stickers in desired shapes and apply them anywhere you like! An important point to note here is that vinyl stickers are suitable for indoor as well as outdoor use but stickers printed using inkjet printers are not as durable as those with lasers and might lose their colors in harsh surroundings.

Method two: Making Vinyl Stickers using Cricut

Cricuts are cutting machines that sync with your laptop or smartphone and allow you to not only print but cut, emboss and engrave various materials of different thickness. Stickers are also made with cricut to allow them to stick to different surfaces including cardboard and steel securely. Lets learn how to make vinyl stickers with cricut cutting machine.

Making Vinyl Stickers Using Cricut

Start by creating your vinyl sticker design on Cricut design space software. You can do this on your smartphone or laptop easily and attach the text to the shape you want it to be in once you are done. Now, place whatever material you need the vinyl sticker on in the feed tray and press the Make It button.

After the cutting and engraving process has been done, select the eject option to retrieve your customized vinyl sticker. Finally, cut through the vinyl sticker and weed out the actual design before applying it to your desired location!

Method three: Making Vinyl Stickers without a machine

Surely enough, making vinyl stickers using a printer or Cricut machine is much less of work as compared to completely DIY stickers. But for all of those who like sticking to the conventional methods of sticker making process or don’t have a Cricut machine to use, read ahead to learn how to make vinyl stickers without a machine.

Start by designing your sticker design either by hand or printing the pictures you want to use. Do this on thin computer paper or sticker sheets for optimal results. Once your design is ready and decorated, use a pair of sharp scissors or knife to cut out the sticker precisely up to your desired size.

It is now time to prepare the adhesive for your sticker. If you are using a sticker sheet, there is no need to do this but for every other DIY vinyl sticker, you need a strong glue to hold it together. Make this glue by mixing all of these ingredients:

  • 4 tablespoons of boiling water
  • Envelope of plain gelatin
  • 1 tablespoon of sugar or corn syrup
  • Few drops of vanilla extract

After mixing these substances, place the glue in an airtight jar and let it cure in warm water to liquefy in gel form.

For the last step, use a brush to apply the glue on the backside of your stickers and let it dry completely. When you are about to apply it on any surface, lick it once and press it down. You can also laminate these stickers to achieve maximum durability. 

Method four: Making die cut stickers

Die-cut stickers are similar to vinyl stickers but have the added benefit of customized shapes. You can make die-cut stickers using a Cricut machine. Start by designing your sticker design on Cricut desk space and set the CMYK settings to 300 DPI.

Since die-cut stickers need an edge-to-edge printing, you need to set up an excess bleed line of about 3 mm around the sticker. Next, join all the components together using the unite option and join to smoothen out the edges. Now that your bleed area is made, it is time to create a spot color.

Making die cut stickers

Spot colour is used to achieve the most vibrant die-cut stickers by using individual ink to print each colour. To do this, open your original die-cut design and place it on a new layer. Set the fill to none on this layer and double press on the swatch to successfully create a spot colour. Thirdly, select the spot colour using the colour pallet as this will serve as the imaginary boundary of your die cut sticker.

Alas, open the attributes panel and select the Overprint option to print stickers without any fine line near the die line area. Check your final die cut sticker layout by selecting the Separation Preview option and send the printing command to your cricut machine!


And with that, we conclude our guide about printing vinyl stickers with a printer, Cricut cutting machine, and DIY style. We hope our guide helps you learn about the process in detail and have the most creative time making vinyl and die-cut stickers for your business or home-based use. Happy crafting!