Top 13 Best Sticker Paper Of 2022-Detailed Reviews and Buying Guide

Investing in the best vinyl sticker printer always helps every craftsman and hobbyist boost the standard of their stickers. With so many options available to choose from, we have listed down the top fifteen vinyl sticker printers for you!

Best Sticker Paper

But you don’t need to worry about making this decision alone since we are here now! We have enlisted the best sticker papers for you that excel in all aspects and will guarantee the highest quality in your stickers and file printouts!

Best sticker paper for sticker printer

i.Cricut printable white vinyl paper
ii.JOYEZA Premium Printable Vinyl Sticker Paper
iii.Online Labels sticker paper
iv.9527 Product Sheet for stickers and labels
v.Avery Printable Sticker Paper
vi.Zicoto Premium Printable Paper
vii.Betckey Full Sheet sticker paper
viii.ZICOTO’s printable vinyl sticker sheet
ix.Limia Printable Vinyl Sticker Paper
x.Neato Clear Sticker Paper
xi.Silhouette Media CLR Printable Clear Sticker
xii.Koala Printable Vinyl Sticker Paper
xiii.Avery Full Sheet Printable Shipping Labels
Buying Guide
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Best Vinyl Sticker Paper of 2022?

Here is the list of Top 13 Best Sticker Paper along with vinyl sticker paper, with their pros/cons and Buying Guide, which helps you in your best purchasing.

Cricut Printable Vinyl – Cricut Vinyl Sticker Paper

Cricut Vinyl Sticker Paper

First off, we have the amazing and vivid Cricut printable white vinyl paper. This cuts flawlessly on any Cricut Explore machine and has a completely smooth matte surface. If you are someone who is easily bugged by messy residues, this printable is definitely made for you. It ensures clean cutting and erases the last scrap of sticky residue from it.

Next, let’s talk about the versatility of the white vinyl printable. It is usable with inkjet printers along with cricut explore machines. Another major benefit of this sticker paper is its ability to automatically trim additional white edges and small borders from your stickers. With a vast image library of 50,000+ images, get precise and creative stickers using Cricut Printable Vinyl Paper!


  • Compatible with all inkjet printers and Cricut explore machines
  • Vibrant printouts with promised resistivity to water
  • Clean printout with no sticky residue, does not require cleaning afterwards
  • Option to calibrate colours and preserve image quality by protection from moisture
  • High cutting precision and automatic trimming of white edges and borders
  • Used for Printable Vinyl setting for kiss cut and easy sticking
  •  Cricut Image Library with 50,000+ ready to cut and print images


  • Not the best for A4 printing
  • Not quite reliable for acrylic tumblers

The Cricut Printable Vinyl does an outstanding object at printing vivid and waterproof stickers using any inkjet printer. It is one of the highest quality sticker papers available right now and will surely enhance your DIY sticker quality and creativity.

JOYEZA Premium – Best Sticker Paper for Selling Stickers

Best Sticker Paper for Selling Stickers

Next, we have the most versatile sticker paper for your inkjet as well as laser printer. The JOYEZA Premium Printable Vinyl Sticker Paper is promised to work with your printer and offer high contrasting waterproof stickers for indoor and outdoor uses. You can even advance its durability by sealing it with a UV resistant sealer spray although it is already backed by JOYEZA’s lifetime warranty.

When we say JOYEZA premium printable is the most versatile sticker paper, we mean it in terms of printer AND printing type. This Vinyl paper is usable for sticker, wall quotes, labels and vinyl lettering using its thick matte type and easy peel off adhesive backing. Moreover, JOYEZA is incredibly easy to use and can be cut by hand and die cutting machine!


  • Matte paper type with standard 8.5″ x 11” measurement
  • Compatible with different inkjet and laser printers
  • Used on sticker, wall quotes, photo, vinyl lettering and custom decals
  • Easily cut by hand and cricut cutting machine
  • High quality adhesive backing for tidy and easy application
  • Waterproof and durable stickers for indoor and outdoor uses
  • Very affordable, one box contains twenty strips
  • Backed by JOYEZA’s lifetime warranty


  • Not completely water-resistant without use of a UV sealant spray
  • Paper curls up once printed on

If you are on a tight budget but not willing to compromise on the quality of your stickers, the JOYEZA Premium Printable Vinyl Sticker Paper should be your top choice. Although it is a little dependent on the UV sealing spray for durability, the versatility and quality of printouts make it the best sticker paper of 2022!

Online Labels Sticker Paper – Sticker Sheets Printable

Sticker Sheets Printable

Measured to be the standard 8.5” by 11” size, the Online Labels Paper is another great choice for printing stickers. It is functional on both inkjet and laser printers and contains ten sheets in every box. Online Labels sticker paper features good quality matte adhesive paper type, which makes it resistant to any smudges and yellowing effects.

Be it for designing stickers, products labels, or photos, Online Labels Sticker Paper does it all! Making use of its long-lasting color quality, Online Label sticks to various materials like metal, glass, and cardboards. Finally, the paper is perfect for cricut, silhouette, and brother cutting with absolutely no slits on its back liner.


  • Used for DIY stickers, paper stickers, shipping labels etc.
  • Compatible with inkjet, laser, cricut, brother and silhouette printers
  • Sticks to various materials including plastic, glass, metal, tin etc.
  • Matte adhesive sticker paper with standard full sheet size
  • Resistant to smudges and yellowing effects
  • No slits on back liner for use on electronic cutting machines
  • One box contains ten sticker sheets


  • Blank back makes it hard to distinguish between front and back side
  • Not waterproof, need some kind of lamination

The Online Labels sticker paper is another show stealing product for every DIY sticker maker. Their stickiness and no back liner feature make them the best sticker paper for electronic cutting machines. However, lamination of these stickers is mandatory given their minimum resistance towards water.

9527 Product 100 Sheets – Best Sticker Paper for Inkjet Printer

best sticker paper for inkjet printer

Are you tired of running out of sticker sheets despite spending a hefty sum on them? Well, you can say goodbye to this with the super cheap yet generous amount of 9527 Product Sheet for stickers and labels. It contains a total of hundred sheets for the same amount as those high quality sticker papers with barely ten sheets. You can use 9527 Product Paper on different inkjet and laser printers.

Finished in a polished design, the 9527 product has smooth bright white pages with permanent adhesive backside. Furthermore, the standard page size and 1mm edge small label size make it suitable for mailing, product and shipping label printing. These sheets are also quite simple to use, peel and stick on multiple surfaces.


  • Compatible with inkjet, laser and cricut printers
  • Smooth bright white design and finished paper type
  • Sticky and permanent adhesive
  • Suitable for sticker, shipping/product label printing
  • Small label size for easy peeling
  • Contains 100 labels in one box
  • Very cheap


  • Adhesion is not good on plastic and peels off within few hours

Given the generous quantity of sheets in one box, it wouldn’t be wrong to deem the 9527 Product Sheet for stickers and labels the most budget-friendly sticker papers to use. This printable paper is perfect for every label and sticker maker but might be hard to stick on certain surfaces including plastic.

Avery Printable Sticker Paper-best sticker paper for planner stickers

Avery Printable Sticker Paper-best sticker paper for planner stickers

The Avery Printable Sticker Paper has managed to leave all of its users in awe of its customizability and features. Available in matte white, kraft brown and glossy clear materials, Avery offers you a dream worthy sticker making experience and promises to stick on glass, stainless steel and even glossy wood surfaces. This sticker sheet creates DIY stickers in four easy; print, cut, peel and stick steps!

Secondly, let us talk about the compatibility options provided in the Avery Printable Sticker Paper. Suitable for school projects, product branding, logos and scrapbooking, Avery Sticker Sheet can be used in all electronic die cutting machines. They are also simply cut by scissors and safe to use on photos, all thanks to the lignin free acid adhesive paper.


  • Suitable for journals, projects, logos, labels and stickers
  • Compatible with die cutting machines, scissors and photos using self adhesive acid paper
  • Stick on various surfaces like glass, corrugated boxes, stainless steel etc.
  • Easy to format and customise using the free templates on
  • Available in three different types: matte white, glossy clear and kraft brown
  • Easy to remove and reposition, sticks securely
  • Good sticker quality with no brittleness or browning


  • Expensive

Keeping the long list of features in mind, the Avery Printable Sheet is undoubtedly one of the best sticker papers right now. It is overpriced as compared to other sticker papers, but worth every penny spent on it and offers great printing results!

BETCKEY 8.5″ x 11″ – Best Paper to Print Stickers

 Best Paper to Print Stickers

Durability of stickers is incredibly important if you plan to use them outdoors or places that are easily wet. For this very reason, BETCKEY has designed the most durable sticker paper for you. The Betckey full sheet has a generous hundred matte labels sheets that are completely resistant to scratches and water. In addition to this, the strong self-adhesive lasts for a long interval and sticks to the smoothest surfaces like plastic and glass permanently.

Thirdly, let’s talk about the compatibility of this sticker paper. Along with being suitable for inkjet and laser printers, Betckey features a no slit back liner. With this, it facilitates the use of electronic cutting machines like silhouette and brother. Be it for barcodes, stickers, name tags, or gift notes, you can have the most creative DIY sticker experience by using the free templates offered with Betckey’s sticker sheets!


  • Suitable for barcodes, name tags, address, stickers gift notes
  • Sticks securely on smooth surfaces including metal and glass with powerful self-adhesive
  • Scratch proof and BPA free option
  • Compatible with laser, inkjet and e-cutting machines using no slit liner backside
  • Reduces printer jams and offers vast template library for free
  • High quality matte white labels for instant peeling
  • One box contains hundred sticker sheets


  • Super thin paper allows stickers to be easily bent and curled
  • Not suitable for high-definition photo and template printing

If you are making stickers solely for journaling or labelling at home, then we definitely recommend trying the Betckey Full Sheet sticker paper. Featuring a scratch-proof front side and strong adhesive, this sticker sheet is one of the most durable sticker papers for home-based use!

ZICOTO Premium – Thick Sticker Paper

Thick Sticker Paper

Having previously mentioned the amazing features of Zicoto’s sticker papers, let’s review another printable vinyl sticker sheet of theirs. Especially finished in a glossy surface, ZICOTO printable vinyl sheets are responsible for creating magnificent stickers. They create high definition stickers with guaranteed resistivity against water and scratches, to make them convenient for indoor and outdoor applications.

Are you tired of your stickers easily bending and curling after use? Well, you can say goodbye to this happening ever again with ZICOTO’s printable vinyl sticker sheet. They have an eighty microns width and are used for multiple purposes like wall murals, car bumpers and labels for shipping products. Like the previous sticker sheet by ZICOTO, the new printable vinyl is also super easy and fast to dry and apply on smooth surfaces!


  • Durable and waterproof stickers for indoor and outdoor use
  • Print stickers, wall murals, labels, vinyl decals and bumper stickers
  • High quality glossy finish with 80 microns thickness
  • Compatible with most inkjet printers
  • Ink dries in five minutes and easy to apply on smooth surfaces
  • Very affordable


  • Ink smudges easily
  • Easily scratched, need lamination to protect the sticker

Once again, ZICOTO has managed to live up to its promise of user-friendly sticker paper for inkjet printers with the Premium Printable Vinyl Sticker Sheet. Although it needs lamination to enhance its durability, the affordable rate and easy application of ZICOTO Vinyl make it one of the best vinyl sticker papers.

Limia Printable Vinyl Sticker Paper – Best Glossy Sticker Paper

Best glossy sticker paper

Next up on the list, we have another excellent sticker paper for vinyl stickers and labels. The Limia Printable Vinyl Sticker Paper is finished with a glossy style to offer highly professional sticker quality. Secondly, Limia has smartly designed the adhesive of this sticker paper using water. This combined with the self-adhesive makes Limia’s sticker sheet perfectly resistant to water and allows application with leaving any sticky residue behind.

Advancing on the durability of this sticker paper, let’s shine some light on its battle against tears and scratches. Limia has achieved scratch and tear proof sticker quality with the glossiest finished. Along with this, the sticker sheet is usable for laser, inkjet and craft cutting machines without any ink smudges or dull colours. You can use Limia’s Printable Vinyl Sticker Papers on smooth and hard surfaces and easily reposition them without worry about leaving adhesive behind.


  • Very professional and high-quality glossy finish
  • Excellent protection against water, UV radiation, tears and scratches
  • Water mixed self-adhesive allows for intact sticking on smooth and hard surfaces
  • Easy to stick and reposition, without leaving adhesive behind
  • Compatible with inkjet printers and electronic cutting machines
  • Smudge-proof vibrant colour for stickers, wall murals and car decals


  • Relatively pricey
  • Black colour smudge instantly

If you want the highest quality stickers for either home or professional usage, the Limia Printable Vinyl Sticker Paper is your best bet. The extremely durable nature of this sticker sheet combined with easy application and repositioning make it another show stealing product in our list of the best sticker papers for vinyl and label printing.

Neato Clear Sticker Paper – Vinyl Waterproof Sticker Paper

 vinyl waterproof sticker paper

We have talked enough about matte and glossy sticker sheets, it’s about time we review a clear sticker paper as well. The Neato Clear Sticker Paper is finished in a crystal clear gloss design and compatible with all inkjet and laser printing machines. Additionally, it has no slits on the back liner and therefore usable in craft cutting machines like cricut and silhouette.

Are you sick of your stickers falling off from smooth surfaces after short intervals? The Neato Clear Sticker Paper guards against this by using its sticky and permanent adhesive. Neato has taken extra care to boost the durability of this sticker sheet with guaranteed resistance against scratches and water. You can conveniently stick these stickers on your journals, projects and shipments without worrying about them falling off.  


  • Compatible with inkjet printers and craft cutting machines
  • Used for labels, stickers and scrapbooking
  • Waterproof and weatherproof qualities with resistivity against scratches for maximum durability
  • Finished in a transparent style with strong and long lasting adhesive
  • Includes free and easy to use designing software with sticker templates


  • Sheets have a tendency to roll up, making it hard to feed them through a printer

Keeping in mind the aforementioned pros and cons, it is no surprise that Naeto Sticker Paper is termed as the best clear sticker paper. Naeto promises its customers top quality transparent stickers with durability in the harshest weather and circumstances.

Silhouette Media-CLR-ADHTransparent Sticker Paper

Transparent Sticker Paper

Silhouette Media CLR-ADH is another phenomenal printable clear sticker paper. It can be used for making customizable and creative stickers, labels, photos and designs for different purposes. Silhouette Media measures the standard sticker sheet size of 8.5” by 11” and is designed for inkjet and laser printers.

As the name suggests, Silhouette CLR-ADH facilitates use on craft cutting machines including Silhouette and cricut printers. A single box of the Silhouette Media transparent sheet contains eight sticker papers for use.


  • Standard 8.5 inch by 11 inch sticker size
  • Includes eight printable sheets
  • Compatible with inkjet, laser and craft cutting machines like silhouette
  • Create customizable stickers, labels, photos and designs


  • Thick paper makes it hard to stick on curved surface
  • Inkjet takes too long to dry

The Silhouette Media CLR Printable Clear Sticker Paper has grasped the attention of customers by its customizability options and versatility. We urge you to give this transparent sticker paper a shot for label and sticker making but be prepared to wait for your inkjet adhesive to dry completely.

Koala Printable Vinyl Sticker Paper– High Quality Sticker Paper

High Quality Sticker Paper

For our second last product, we have the customer favourite matte finished vinyl sticker paper. Koala Printable Vinyl Paper is designed from high quality material that absorbs ink efficiently and offers high resolution colours in its printouts. For guaranteed resistivity in outdoor spaces, Koala’s this printable sticker paper is designed to be resistant towards water, tear and smudges.

To eliminate the struggle that comes with controlling complex cutting machines, Koala Printable Vinyl is easily cut by hand and cricut printers. It has a powerful and permanent adhesive to let you fully unleash your creativity when making DIY stickers, labels and car decals. With twenty sticker sheets included in one packet, Koala Printable is a very budget-friendly sticker paper.


  • White matte finish that absorbs ink and provides high resolution
  • Used for indoor and outdoor purposes with unbelievable durability
  • Resistant to water, scratches, tear and smudges
  • Ink dries quickly and easily cut by hand or cutting machines
  • Suitable for stickers, murals and decals of different shapes and sizes
  • Guaranteed refund in case of any quality problem


  • Paper tends to curl once taken out of package
  • Not suitable for stamping on paper

Despite having some minor complaints, Koala Printable Vinyl has emerged as one of the best sticker papers of this year. Offering its users supreme durability and ease of use, Koala Printable Vinyl Sticker Paper is here to unlock your full potential when making DIY stickers and labels.

Avery Printable Shipping Labels – Full Sheet Sticker Paper

full sheet Sticker Paper

Last but definitely not the least, we have the amazing Avery full sheet printable shipping labels sticker paper. Finished in a clear and polished design, Avery utilises the trueblock technology to offer an opaque backing over previous labels and markings. As opposed to other white matte sticker sheets, the Avery Printable is available in various attractive colour schemes! With this, print coloured brochures and ensure your information is visible!

Next, the Avery Design and Print Online library has innovative sticker templates available for free! Use these to customise your stickers meanwhile the durable polyester material of Avery Printable protects it against moisture, scratches and scuffing. You can confidently apply these stickers in rough surroundings by the instant peel off patented feature!


  • Clear finish with opaque trueblock technology for professional look
  • High durability and resistivity towards water, tearing or scuffing in outdoor locations
  • Free and creative sticker templates using the Avery Design and Print Online library
  • Easy application with patent easy peel feature
  • Available in different attractive colours for utmost visibility
  • Suitable for stickers, invitations, mass mailing and labels


  • Not clear, has a transparent white tint
  • Very soft filmy look

Although not the best choice for clear sticker sheets, the Avery Full Sheet Printable Shipping Labels is evidently a best selling product. It provides its customers the opportunity to showcase their creativity by extreme durability, high visibility and versatility for various printing styles.

Buying Guide

Now that we have finished enlisting the best sticker papers for sticker, vinyl and label printing, let us briefly discuss the features that you need to look at before purchasing any sticker paper for use. These will help determine the suitability of any sticker printer with your printer and henceforth, give you an estimate of the productivity it brings to your business!

Page Speed

The first thing you need to consider in any sticker paper is its measurement. For most of the US, sticker papers are available in the standard 8.5 inches by 11 inches size. However, if you are planning for high-end printing and need variable page sizes, look for a sticker sheet that supports anything between 1 inch by 4 inches to 12 inches by 18 inches.

Printer Compatibility

There are three different printers available for sticker printing; inkjet, laser and cricut. Remember to check whether a sticker paper is compatible with your desired printer and in the case of an inkjet printer, the estimated time it takes to dry off. Moreover, to be used in electronic cutting machines, a sticker paper should not have any slits on its back liner.

Finish type

Another key detail of every sticker paper is its finished surface texture. A sticker sheet can either have a matte or glossy finish. A matte finish is almost transparent or white and suitable for shipping labels. Whereas, glossy texture provides a more professional look and is used to showcase the details prominently.


Lastly, it is significant your sticker paper guards against common problems that might damage its content. For this reason, always check how protective your sticker paper is against water, chemicals, tears, scratches and scuffing. Depending upon this, decide if your sticker paper is suitable for only indoor or indoor as well as outdoor use.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Although the answer to this varies depending upon where you plan to use your sticker on, the white glossy permanent vinyl is the best type of sticker material for outdoor use. It is designed to combat against water and scratches while being very easy and secure to apply.

This is a very common confusion amongst DIY sticker makers. The choice between glossy and matte stickers is quite simple. If you need a minimalist look in your stickers which is clear and opaque, go for matte material. But if colours are important to highlight information in your stickers, opt for a glossy and anti-glare sticker sheet.

Transparent stickers are the latest inclusion to different textures of sticker papers. They have a crystal-clear background and consist of a single colour. However, multi-coloured transparent stickers are better for optimal text clarity and visibility

Although lamination is not mandatory, it plays a vital role in enhancing the durability of your sticker. Laminating a sticker helps protect it from water, chemical, UV rays and other harmful weather conditions. It is a must for vehicle wraps and any sticker that you plan to use in rugged environments.


Alas, we have reached the end of our comprehensive article about the best sticker papers of 2022. We hope this helps you learn about the features that make any sticker paper the best choice for you and ultimately lead you to creating innovative and dream worthy DIY stickers!