Top 10 Best Printer for Stickers in 2022Detailed Reviews and Buying Guide

Making and printing stickers is not only done as a hobby by many people but also by business owners to mark their possessions. To achieve the highest quality of these stickers, it is important that you print them using the best printer available for this purpose.

Best printer for stickers

Comparison Table For Best Printer For Sticker Printing

Image Product Details   Price
81Ft3-UTR1L._AC_SL1500_-removebg-preview-1 Kodak Step Wireless Mini Printer Conectivity:Bluetooth,NFC

Compatible Devices: Smartphones, Tablets, Camera

Printing Technology:Zink Technology
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HotLabel-S8-Thermal-Label-Printer HotLabel S8 Thermal Label Printer  Conectivity: USB

Compatible Devices: PC, Laptops

Printing Technology:Thermal
Check Price
Buyounger_Mini_Printer__Portable_Sticker_Printer-removebg-preview-3 Buyounger Mini Printer Conectivity: USB,Bluetooth

Compatible Devices: PC, Laptops

Printing Technology:Thermal
Check Price
Canon-PIXMA-TR4520-Wireless-All-in-One-Photo-Printer Canon PIXMA TR4520 Wireless  Conectivity: Wi-Fi, USB

Compatible Devices: Smartphones, PC, Laptops

Printing Technology:Inkjet
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Ponek-Mini-Pocket-Sticker-Printer-Bluetooth-Pocket-Thermal-Printer-Portable Ponek Mini Pocket Sticker Printer Conectivity:USB

Compatible Devices: Smartphones, PC

Printing Technology:Thermal
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Pocket Phone Printer- M02 Pro Mini Photo Printer Wireless Thermal Printer Phomemo 300dpi Pocket Phone Printer Conectivity:Bluetooth, USB

Compatible Devices: Smartphones

Printing Technology:Thermal
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31Bch9gusJL._AC_ POOOLITECH Portable Thermal Sticker Printer Conectivity:Bluetooth

Compatible Devices: Smartphones

Printing Technology:Thermal
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61ROiXtk5qL._AC_SL1500_ Brother VC-500W Versatile Compact Color Label and Photo Printer Conectivity:Wi-Fi

Compatible Devices: Smartphones

Printing Technology:Thermal
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Top 10 Best Printer for Stickers

Let’s take a look at the top best printer for sticker printing along with the features and specifications that make them the very best at their job!

KODAK Step WirelessBest Printer for High Quality Stickers

Best Printer for High Quality Stickers

Since printing stickers requires considerably less processing power, there is no need for the printer to be unnecessarily bulky. Keeping this in mind, Kodak’s Step Wireless Printer comes in a completely portable and pocket-sized style. The mini printer supports printing of stickers with sizes 2” by 3” perfectly.

What makes Kodak Step Wireless Photo Printer stand out amongst other user friendly sticker printers is its easy connectivity to all devices. It is designed to be equally compatible with both Android and Apple devices and allows you to control editing and printing of your stickers from a single tap on your smartphone!

Not only this, the Kodak Step Mini Printer also supports Bluetooth connectivity and lets you share your edited pictures directly on all social media accounts. Moreover, the built-in rechargeable battery makes it the most portable sticker printer in 2022 and manages printing of up to twenty-five stickers per charge.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Compact and portable size
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Sticky backed printing of size 2” by 3”
  • Expert editing features including removing red eye, borders and blurry background.
  • Bluetooth connectivity


  • out and discoloured photos
  • Not quite durable

Keeping in mind its cheap price and advanced editing options, Kodak Step Wireless Mobile Mini Printer is definitely the best-selling portable sticker printer out there. Although it is not the best partner for long term use, it offers a sufficient experience for journaling and sticker hobbyists.

Xyron Create-a-Sticker, 5″- Best Printer for Making Stickers

Best Printer for Making Stickers

With no required heat, electricity or messy glueing needed, Xyron Sticker Maker machine is the most user friendly sticker printer for every beginner to this chore. Designed in an incredibly simple to operate way, all you need to do is turn a knob and this sticker maker will print you high quality adhesive stickers in no time.

Xyron printer supports stickers with size 5 inches wide and provides neat tear and peel stickers for use! Alongside this, the machine requires no warm up time and gets to work as soon as you turn it on. This is further backed up by its no power supply requirement as the printer solely works by mechanical movement, making it among the top durable sticker printers.

You can include die cuts, photo labels and so much more using the editing features of Xyron Create a sticker machine with utmost ease. Lastly, the machine comes with ten non-toxic permanent adhesives and you can easily get a refill for these separately once you run out of the preloaded ones.


  • No connection to power supply or batteries needed
  • Prints adhesive tear and peel stickers up to 5” wide
  • Features to add photos, labels, die cuts and adhesive to paper
  • Clean and non messy printing using non-toxic and acid free adhesive
  • Comes with ten included permanent adhesives


  • Jamming problems after few uses
  • Wastes a lot of plastic

Xyron Sticker Maker Machine, Permanent Adhesive offers a very fun and easy to use mechanism for printing creative stickers. With its permanent and completely harmless adhesives, it boosts the quality of stickers and thereby makes them more appealing to the customers.

HotLabel S8 Thermal Label Printer

If you are planning to print more than just stickers with your printer, then the HotLable S8 Thermal Printer is the right machine for you. Featuring the renowned name HotLabel, S8 Sticker Maker Machine is versatile and compatible for use on Windows, MAC and Linux software. Additionally, it caters printing of label tags and includes a label holder as well.

HotLabelS8 is deemed as the fastest and most effective printer for sticker printing. It is manufactured to provide vivid and high contrast images without needing an ink or toner cartridge. Secondly, the durability of this sticker making machine makes it functional for all day long in the most rugged workspaces.

With a rate of 72 shipping labels every sixty seconds, S8 printer has exceptional printing speed. Perhaps, the most impressive feature of HotLabelS8 Thermal Printer is its ability to print variable sized stickers. You can simply change the label size as per your need and restart the machine to automatically configure and recognize the new input sizes!


  • Durable quality supports continuous use
  • Extremely fast and stable printing speed
  • Supports various printing sizes
  • Operates on thermal energy, no need for ink or toner
  • Supports Windows, MAC and Linux software
  • Includes label holder


  • Not compatible with iPad and Google Chrome OS
  • Quite difficult to set-up

With its excellent printing speed and versatility, HotLabelS8 Thermal Label Sticker Printing Machine is the right choice for sticker and label tag printing. Although it takes a little time to set-up, once this is done, you are bound to stay productive and have fun while printing tags and stickers for your business.

Buyounger Mini Printer – Best Printer for Photos and Stickers

best printer for photos and stickers

If you need to print not only stickers but notes, photos and memos as well, you should consider the Buyounger Mini Portable Printer as your top priority. This multi-purpose printer is shaped in a highly portable design for easy movement. Moreover, it is designed to be compatible with all Android, iOS smartphones and Windows operational PCs.

Featuring a built-in 1000mAh lithium ion battery, Buyounger offers a long lasting and reliable battery life. This is easily recharged, saving up the much higher cost of buying replacement batteries for your printer. Secondly, this mini printer makes use of the advanced inkless technology and requires no ink or toner cartridges!

Despite its compact size, Buyounger offers surprisingly high resolution in every sticker and photo it prints. With its 203 DPI rating and top-quality printer head, you can expect high-definition printouts at all hours. Furthermore, the printer functions without making any obnoxiously loud noise and without turning out to be a nuisance for those around.


  • Portable and pocket sized design
  • Suitable for stickers, notes, memos, pictures and QR codes
  • Easily rechargeable and long lasting 1000mAH built-in battery
  • Thermal printer, requires no ink or toners
  • Functions without making loud noises
  • Supports Android, iOS and PC using a USB cable
  • One second instant Bluetooth connectivity
  • High 203 DPI resolution with great quality print head


  • Peripage application is not user friendly

Buyounger Mini Portable Sticker Printer is a bestseller because of its portability and high-quality printouts among the customers. With its instant connectivity with smartphones and desktops, the printer does an amazing job at fulfilling all multi-purpose printing needs.Canon PIXMA TR4520 Wireless All in One Photo Printer

Canon PIXMA TR4520 – Best Printer for Sticker Business

Best Printer for Sticker Business

Canon is rightly deemed as the most reliable and popular brand for sale of efficient cameras and printing machines. The PIXMA TR4520 Inkjet Wireless Printer is specifically made to suit printing requirements of all business professionals by using the user-friendly Canon print application.

Knowing what trouble bulky machines are, the Canon PIXMA is finished in a compact and moderate size. It requires little to no time to get up to power and supports iOS, Android and Windows 10 operating systems. You can control your printer with a few clicks on your smartphone easily!

The smartest feature of Canon PIXMA TR4520 Printer is definitely talking to Alexa mode. Using this, you can carry out printing of stickers and lists by voice activation feature of Alexa. Along with this, Alexa also alerts you in case your ink and toner cartridges are about to finish, allowing you to refill them timely.


  • Compact and sleek design
  • Easy to set-up and no warm up time
  • Works with voice activated Alexa
  • Compatible with iPad, iPhone, iPod and Android devices
  • Easy and expert editing app
  • Very simple to operate
  • Extremely cheap


  • Makes a lot of loud noise
  • Slow printing speed

Even though its slow printing speed makes it unsuitable for large business environments, Canon PIXMA TR4520 is the most budget friendly sticker printer right now! Equipped with smart features like Alexa and expert editing apps, we recommend this printer to all low maintenance sticker enthusiasts.

Ponek Mini Pocket Sticker Printer

Whether you plan to print out stickers in your office or while travelling around, portability always helps boost your productive hours. Highlighting this benefit, Ponek has designed one of the most compact, lightweight and portable Mini Sticker printers. Functional on thermal energy, Ponek Mini has an inkless printing mechanism, saving you money spent on in.

The pocket sized Ponek thermal printer supports all iOS 9.0+ devices and Android 4.0+ devices adequately. It also offers instant connection using Bluetooth features and is easily controlled by the completely free Phomemo application. With thousands of templates, fonts and stickers present, you can play around your pictures using the Phomemo App on your phone!

People might underestimate the printing quality of Ponek’s amazingly small sized printer but it manages to leave them awestruck with its performance. Equipped with adjustable printing density, Ponek promises high quality images for up to ten years and comes with ten included printing papers for initial use.


  • Highly compact and portable design
  • Compatible with iOS and Android devices
  • Creative templates and other free editing tools on the Phomemo app
  • Inkless printer with 1000mAH rechargeable lithium battery
  • Comes with ten printing papers and one extra paper holder
  • Easy to set-up and use


  • Not compatible with Windows or any desktop devices

With its size, features and performance, the Ponek Mini Pocket Sticker Printer has earned notable appreciation from its customers and become one of the top ten sticker printers of this year. This printer is evidently worth every penny spent on it.

Phomemo 300dpi Pocket Phone Printer

Wireless Thermal Printers are gradually paving their way to the top with their noteworthy performances. Similarly, the Phomemo M02 Pro Mini Photo Printer has been lauded for its inkless mechanism backed by a long lasting 1000mAh fast charging battery. Both of these reduce the overall money spent on the printer and make it very affordable to own.

Next, the compact and pocket friendly size of Phomemo M02 lets it be carried around on trips and trains, letting you stay productive everywhere. The printer supports stickers with sizes of 3.1” × 3.2” × 1.6” and is usable on various types of sticker and non sticker paper. It also connects to Bluetooth in barely ten seconds whereas the 300 DPI rating ensures that all printouts are high definition and clear.

Supporting Android 4.0 and iOS 8.0+ devices, Phomemo’s use is not restricted to sticker printing but also caters web and other micro-office related document printing. Finally, the excellent Phomemo app offers its users unconditional templates and graphics to edit your pictures professionally.


  • Pocket sized portable and compact design
  • Suitable for transparent and coloured sticker and non sticker paper
  • Reliable and long lasting 1000mAH rechargeable battery
  • Inkless thermal printer
  • High 300DPI supreme image resolution
  • Bluetooth, Android and iOS compatibility
  • Powerful Phomemo App with unlimited templates


  • Requires full network access
  • Print on thermal paper gets wiped pretty soon

The Phomemo M02 Pro Pocket Printer is a very reasonably priced, cute and effective printer for sticker and document printing. It requires some time to get used to but once you have learnt how to use the Phomemo app correctly, your sticker printing quality and creativity will only go uphill!

Xyron X150 Sticker Maker – Professional Sticker Making Machine

Professional Sticker Printer

The unique and complex style of Xyron X150 Sticker Maker attracts a lot of customers and fills their minds with questions about its performance. To answer these, let’s delve deeper into the features of Xyron Sticker Maker Machine for school projects. The machine comes ready for use and is quite simple to set-up and use.

With the XRN150 Sticker Maker, you can add any number of additional adhesive layers to your sticker conveniently. These layers are as wide as 1.5 inches and work well with detailed embellishments, glitter and die cutting shapes!

Although Xyron XRN150 Sticker Maker comes with twenty included non-toxic and acid free adhesives, you can always replace them with repositionable or permanent ones as per your convenience. Moreover, Xyron prints stickers of increasingly long lengths with its twenty feet long adhesive roll.


  • Easy to set-up and use
  • Requires no electricity to work properly
  • Compact and portable design
  • Quickly adds up to 1.5 inches wide adhesive layers
  • Suitable for intricate embellishments and die cutting
  • Includes twenty foot long permanent adhesive cartridge
  • No messy glueing 


  • Refills are very expensive

With its one of a kind styles and suitability with permanent and repositionable adhesives, Xyron XRN150 Sticker Maker is exceptional at adding layers to your stickers. Its portable size and neat working mechanism make it ideal for school projects.

POOOLITECH Portable Thermal Sticker Printer – Thermal Sticker Printer

 Thermal Sticker Printer

Pooolitech Portable Thermal is another inclusion to the list of most efficient sticker printers for business and hobbyists. Measuring 83 mm× 83mm× 38.5mm, this sticker printer has a portable, compact and cute structure. The packaging also includes a USB cord and one printer paper roll for initial use.

Whether you want to print stickers or memos, Pooolitech makes sure you get the most high-definition printouts with a 203 DPI value. Additionally, this sticker printer supports thermal paper and thermal sticker types perfectly. Poolitech Thermal Printer is usable on all Android, Windows and iOS devices and offers instant Bluetooth connectivity. 

Featuring a built-in 1000mAh lithium battery, the mini-Bluetooth pocket printer lowers investment by being easily recharged instead of needing replacement batteries. Lastly, the powerful Pooli application offers photo and text editing features along with ready templates, functions and aesthetic stickers!


  • Quiet, portable and compact size
  • High 203 DPI resolution
  • Supports Windows, Android and iOS systems
  • Works on thermal paper and thermal sticker
  • Built-in 1000mAh long lasting rechargeable battery
  • Templates and other editing tools offered by Poooli app
  • User friendly operation


  • Requires access to location
  • Poooli application hangs a lot

Finished in an attractive style and portable design, Pooolitech Portable Thermal Mini Bluetooth Printer does an outstanding job at printing stickers and other memos. Its integrated battery and compatibility with different software systems make it versatile and reliable for long term use.

Brother VC-500W

Like many other notable printers, Brother VC-500W Sticker Printers works on an ink free mechanism. Featuring the ZINK zero technology, ink and toner cartridges are replaced with water and smudge proof high quality ZINK paper. This supports stickers, labels, list and photo printing requirements.

Compatible with Windows, MAC, iOS and Android software systems, Brother VC-500W is the right choice for all types of electronic devices and easily operational using the Apple AirPrint wireless printing technology. This versatile printer lets you print photos up to 2” wide by 17” long and features an integrated automated cutter to decide between half or full cut sizes.

Are you tired of plugging in multiple cords to connect the device you want to print from? Brother Photo Printer puts an end to this with the wireless networking connectivity which offers easy and instant connection with smartphone and tablet. You can also scan photos from your gallery or social media site and print them directly with this advanced compact printer!

By using the Color Label Editor app, you can browse through thousands of frames, fonts and backgrounds for your pictures and edit them using pro editing tools for free! If you still question the reliability of this amazing printing machine, don’t worry as Brother VC-500W Compact Printer is backed by a one year manufacturer warranty!


  • Versatile design with Windows, iOS, MAC and Android compatibility
  • Wireless and fast printing networking
  • Automatic built-in cutter
  • Inkless ZINK zero water, tear and smudge proof technology
  • Free and powerful color label editing app
  • Backed by one year manufacturer warranty


  • Lacks Bluetooth connectivity
  • Faded and inaccurate colours

The Brother VC-500W Versatile Compact Sticker Printer is without doubt the best wireless sticker printing machine. Equipped with smart ZINK zero tech and built-in cutter, this printer will improve the quality and precision of your stickers vastly but the same is not guaranteed for the colour and contrast.

Buying Guide

Now that we have mentioned the highest rated sticker printers, let us talk about the key features that make them the very best at their job. There are a few key features that you should always look for in any sticker and photo printer before making the final purchase. This includes:

Printing Resolution

This plays a major role in determining the clarity and detailing of your printouts. Printing resolution is usually measured in Dots Per Pixel (DPI) and the higher that this value is, the better quality your sticker will have. Generally, a value of 250 to 500 DPI provides considerably good sticker quality.

Cartridge Type

Another important factor is to see what kind of cartridges your desired printer supports. Sticker printers make use of ink and toner cartridges or a completely inkless advanced thermal technology. Remember to go over the estimated refill prices for ink cartridges and make a decision based on the fact that an inkless printer might be expensive but will have low running costs because of the lack of need for refilling, as compared to cartridge printers.

Connectivity and compatibility

Before you decide on the right sticker printer for you, it is significant that you know what type of devices you will be sending printing commands from. Make sure to always check if a printer is compatible with only Android and iOS smartphones or supports Windows and MAC system software as well.

Along with this, Bluetooth connectivity is always a plus as it connects in a comparatively shorter time. At present time, many printers have come out with completely wireless networking topologies, making bulk printing much faster and more efficient!


Although it doesn’t seem very important at first, the size of any printer plays a vital role in increasing or decreasing your productivity. Although bulkier printers have greater processing power, sticker printers should preferably be portable and compact. This makes them easy to carry around and light enough to stay productive and therefore promote your business in different areas.

Paper Type

A very common question asked is whether you can use a normal inkjet printer for sticker printing or not. The answer to this lies in the types of paper that a printer is functional on. If your goal is to print stickers and photos, you should always look for printers with adhesive and sticky paper types instead of normal non-sticky papers.

Power source

Power source of every printer, sticker or laser, helps determine the economic running cost. For sticker printing, you can choose between either rechargeable or replaceable batteries or electrically powered printing machines. You should make this decision depending upon the estimated budget and portability requirement for your sticker business.

Editing Applications

Since stickers often require editing and modifications before being printed, it is mandatory to check if a printer supports an adequate and powerful editing app or not. To deduce the worth of any editing application, browse through its features and mainly look for frames, borders, stickers, fonts and any other editing tool you necessarily need. Also check if the editing app is free to use or offers a limited free experience.

Customer Service

Like all electronic devices, sticker printing machines often turn out to be quite difficult to set-up and use. In such unfortunate cases, responsive customer service always helps amateur users. Before you select a printer, look for its warranty and manual guide to make the setting up procedure easy for you. Next, ask how responsive the customer service is and if they are available to answer your queries and guide you from time to time for a problem free sticker printing experience.


Finally, let’s discuss the importance of price and budget when looking for the best sticker printer for use. Remember to always look for a machine that offers a moderate compromise between quality and cost. Spending too much on renowned brands which offer only the basic features is not recommended. Instead, look for high rated and best selling printers which are moderately priced but have received lots of appreciation by its users.


With that being said, we would like to conclude our article about the best sticker printers for business, school projects and hobbyists. We hope our top rated printers’ list and detailed buying guide pushes you in the right direction and eventually leads you to the right sticker printer for your use!