Top 8 Best Printer for Printing Labels In 2022

Be it for small scale business or stationary hobbyists, printing labels can turn out to be quite vital for different types of tasks. For this very reason, it is important that you buy a printer that not only offers you great quality labels but gives you the most satisfactory label printing experience. To help you make this choice, we have listed down the best printers for printing labels below!

Best Selling Printers for Product Labels

Image Product Details   Price
71TZnqy6AJL._AC_SL1500_ ROLLO Label Printer BRAND: ROLLO



SHEET SIZE: 4″ x 6″
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81ymjeLxrvS._AC_SL1500_ DYMO 1755120 Label Printer BRAND: DYMO



SHEET SIZE: 4.125-x-5.875-inch Inches
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Top 8 Best Printer for Printing Labels

Here are the list of Top 8 Best printer for label printing ,with their pros / cons and Buying Guide ,which helps you in your best purchasing.

ROLLO Label Printer – Commercial Grade Direct Thermal High Speed Printer

Let’s begin this list with the most user-friendly and promising label printer of this year. With a barely five minute long simple set-up, the ROLLO High Speed label printer is here to give you a hassle-free printing time. Finished in a very compact and modern design, ROLLO lives up to its name by offering a 238 label per minute super fast printing speed.

It rolls prints at a speed of 150 millimetres per seconds and grants you productivity at work like never before. Next, let us shine some light on the efficient yet affordable latest printing technology used in ROLLO Label Printer. Requiring no ink or toner cartridges, this printer functions on a direct thermal mechanism and provides highly detailed label printing quality.

Are you tired of figuring out the exact sizes and features of your labels before printing them? If yes then you will be incredibly relieved to hear about the smart automatic label identification feature of ROLLO’s label printer. Using this, ROLLO figures out the size and other characteristics of your label in a span of a few seconds by itself!


  • Five-minute instant and easy set up
  • Compact design and well built quality
  • Prints directly from Adobe PDF, MS word and browser
  • Supports label printing from sizes 4.1 inches to 4.16 inches
  • Direct thermal technology saves you ink and toner cartridge costs
  • Super fast print speed of 150mm/s
  • Designed to be compatible with Windows XP, Mac version 10.9 and plus
  • Automatic label identification button for label sizes and other features
  • Suitable for shipping, warehouse, barcode ID and bulk mailing labels


  • Label roll holder sometimes produces blurry output

Whether you are just starting your business or already are a professional at it, the amazing ROLLO High Speed Label Printer will help your career peak in no time. Equipped with the smartest printing technology and user-friendly features, we guarantee everyone using this label printer will be completely pleased with its output.

DYMO Label Printer | LabelWriter 450 Direct Thermal Label Printer

Designed for everyone willing to not compromise even an ounce on the quality of output, the DYMO Labelwriter 450 Printer is definitely one of the best quality label printers at present time. Finished in an instant setup design and automatic label roll loading mechanism, you can sit back and watch your printer load and print labels on its own!

Are you tired of spending money on ink cartridges or on an extremely tight budget? The direct thermal printing technology of DYMO Label Printer is the solution to either of those problems. This printer operates on a no ink technology but still manages to provide unbelievably detailed barcodes and graphics.

You can rely on the DYMO Labelwriter 450 to give you the best quality labels in no time. It does this with its lightning-fast print speed of fifty-one labels per minute. Alongside this, DYMO gives you the chance to create and customise labels using Microsoft Word, Mac Address Box or any other suitable label software.


  • Finished in a portable, modern and reliable design
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Uses direct thermal printing to eliminate ink costs
  • High print speed of 51 labels per minute
  • Works on Windows 7, Window 8, Windows 10 and Mac 10.8 plus versions
  • Automatically rolls print labels into printer
  • Easily edit print labels using MS office, Outlook and Google Contacts
  •  Support graphics, address, file folder labels and name badges printing


  • Only supports monochromatic printing
  • Relatively pricey

Although the DYMO Labelwriter 450 Thermal Printer might seem a little too pricey as compared to other label printers, it is worth every penny spent on it! Rated as one of the best selling label printers, the DYMO 450 will provide you with label print quality like you have never seen before.

DYMO 1755120 LabelWriter 4XL Thermal Label Printer

The DYMO 4XL Thermal Label Writer is deemed as the most versatile label printer of this year. You can now print labels for all shipping brands including FedEx and UPS with this outstanding printer. Not only this, DYMO 4XL is designed to support direct printing from widely used ecommerce sites along with barcode and warehouse label printing.

Are you bored of printing basic looking labels all the time?  If yes, then it is time we tell you about the vast label template library that is available in the DYMO 4XL thermal printer! By making use of this, you can customise your labels and graphics and print them on sizes between four and six inches wide.

Similar to various other label printers, DYMO Label Writer also uses direct thermal printing technology. This lowers your economic costs by a huge degree and guarantees fantastically clear print quality of 300 DPI. Finally, DYMO 4XL labels are smudge and BPA free in addition to being FSC certified.


  • Direct and ink free thermal printing with high 300 DPI quality
  • Print super wide labels of size 4 by 6 inches
  • DYNO connect software offers up to sixty creative label templates for text and graphics
  • Directly print from Amazon, eBay, Etsy and other business sites
  • Used for warehouse labels, barcodes and bulk mailing labels
  • Speedy printing of four-line address labels per minute


  • Wastes a lot of paper
  • Outdated software makes the printer crash from time to time

Despite having some minor flaws, DYMO Labelwriter 4XL still does a moderately good job at printing detailed labels in no time. We recommend getting this printer to everyone who does not have a bulk printing requirement and knows how to work around an outdated software.

MUNBYN Label Printer, 150mm/s 4×6 Desktop USB Thermal Shipping Label Printer

MUNBYN has always promised sustainability, quality and speed in its products. Keeping their word, the 150mm/s MUNBYN label printer is designed to offer phenomenal printing experience without needing any toxic carbon cartridges. Finished in a portable yet durable design, you can carry MUNBYN printer around and assemble it immediately by pressing a single button!

With excellent print speed of 150 millimetres per second, you can print about seven hundred sheets or more without worrying about overheating your printing machine. Moreover, MUNBYN label printer features the automatic label size and characteristic mode to rid you off the struggle of having to do this manually.

The Munbyn 4×6 Desktop is suitable for not only labels but high quality barcode and graphic printing as well. It lets you select between variable page sizes and allows you to edit, crop and print directly from Adobe ADF software. Featuring a high 203 DPI value and compatibility with all Windows and MAC versions, MUNBYN label printers will surely boost the quality and quantity of your business’s exports.


  • Remarkably fast one-click installation and quiet operation
  • Direct thermal printing technology for reduced ink costs
  • Superb print speed of 150mm/s
  • Prints up to seven hundred sheets without overheating
  • Automatic label size and characteristic detection mode
  • Supports barcode, thermal and shipping label printing
  • Select between various label sizes
  • Compact, portable and sleek finish
  • Compatible with all Windows and MAC devices
  • Reasonably priced


  • Not wireless

For everyone looking for the most reliable label printer on a low budget, the MUNBYN Thermal Shipping Label Printer is definitely your match. Rated as one of the most affordable label printers, MUNBYN will ensure you have a completely undisturbed and productive working experience while using its noteworthy label printing machine.

Brother P-touch Label Maker, PC-Connectable Labeler, PTD600

Are you looking for the best label printer for your professional as well as personal use? If yes then let us shine some light on the outstanding Brother P-touch D600 label maker. Featuring an all colour graphic display, PT-D600 operates using backlit technology and automatically updates the label formats. In addition to this, the colour of the installed tape helps provide you an exact replica of the label design shown on screen.

We have all heard of portable label printers to grant you more mobility but about a completely wireless label printer? Brother P-touch has tested out this possibility in the remotely controlled PT-D600 printer and its included 6 AA batteries. Using this, you can print labels from different places and at different times because of its reliable  backlighting display, offering you a clear desk view in the darkest hours.

Thirdly, the P-Touch label maker comes with various connectivity options. Be it Windows or MAC devices, you can browse through an extensive label library using the P-Touch Editor Label Design software. Create, edit, paint and print best quality logos, barcodes and labels with the wonderful Brother PC- connectable label maker machine.


  • Finished in compact design and comfortable top tape structure
  • Works on 6 AA batteries and AC power supply for enhance portability
  • Generously sized keyboard with backlit display for use even in dimly lit locations
  • Automatic label formatting and high resolution coloured outputs
  • Browse through thousands of label templates, graphics and fonts with the P-Touch editor label design software
  • Compatible with five different TZe tape widths
  • Laminated, durable, waterproof and heatproof labels
  • Package includes batteries and AC adaptor


  • Tapes are expensive
  • Difficult to use

The Brother PT-D600 Label is undoubtedly the best portable label printer available. It is worth a little more than other printers but guarantees the highest quality printouts using its advanced features. We urge all expert label makers to purchase this printer and watch themselves excel at their job!

Polono Label Printer – 150mm/s 4×6 Thermal Label Printer

Polono thermal label printer is the right choice for everyone who is not the best at technology and finds it difficult to control complex printing machines. Finished in a space saving design, Polono printer is installed within a minute by simply clicking on the setup button. Moreover, it is compatible with every popular ecommerce site including FedEx, Amazon, eBay etc.

Keeping its campaign of Go Green planet, Polono has equipped the 150mm/s Label Printer with direct thermal printing technology. This means that the printer does not require any ink or toner cartridges nor does it release toxic carbon content while printing labels. Next, its super fast 150mm/s print speed prints about seventy two labels every sixty seconds!

With guaranteed durability, Polono Label Printer is suitable for long term use in warehouses and shipping label factories. But, its most applauded feature is the automatic label detection mode. With this, you can print labels of sizes anywhere between 40 to 118 millimetres. Lastly, the printer automatically catches and feeds the printer with pages for undisturbed printing experience.


  • Instant one minute assembly
  • Good quality construction for greater durability
  • Super fast 150mm/s print speed with 72 labels per minute
  • Compatible with ecommerce websites like Amazon, Etsy, eBay, FedEx etc.
  • Sustainable and cheap direct thermal print technology
  • Supports variable label sizes between 40mm and 118mm
  • Automatic label detection mode
  • Supports Windows, MAC and Linux software


  • Lacks comprehensive instruction manual
  • Frequently reported blue screen error

The Polono Thermal Label Printer is another brilliant product to watch out for. Featuring high speed printouts of variable sized pages, you are bound to be awestruck with the performance of this printer. But remember to look for guides on how to use this printer since the package does not include one.

DYMO Labelwriter 450 Twin Turbo label printer

It is no surprise to see another product of DYMO in the best label printer list given the years of experience it has under its belt. The DYMO 450 Twin Turbo does what every other label printer does but at a much faster speed! Equipped with two separate rolls to support dual sided printing, DYMO 450 can easily multitask between different sized labels, barcodes and name tags!

Furthermore, DYMO Twin Turbo has a lightning-fast print speed of up to seventy-one labels per minute. This, together with its customizable label software library make the printer a perfect fit for label, graphics, barcode, tag and postage printing too! You can create and edit your tags by simply connecting the printer with either a Windows or MAC desktop.

Taking the customizability factor up a notch, DYMO’s twin turbo accepts printing commands directly from MS Word, MAC Address Box and other popular editorial applications. Working towards a sustainable future, DYMO 450 also operates on direct thermal print technology and saves you ink, ribbon and toner cartridge money.


  • Dual sided multiple printing with its two separate rollers
  • Amazing print speed of 71 labels per minute
  • Inkless and cheap direct thermal print technology
  • Compatible with PCs having MAC or Windows 7 and plus software
  • Easily customise labels with the impressive DYMO label library
  • High quality and crisp printouts with 600 by 300 DPI resolution
  • Supports label, tags, graphics and postage print


  • Software runs into bugs from time to time
  • Relatively costly

Featuring its unique yet adored dual roll for double sided printing, DYMO 450 Twin Turbo is one of the fastest label printers out there. Its numerous other features which grant you flawless print quality make it the best label printer for beginner and professional users.

Brother QL-800 High-Speed Professional Label Printer

Last but not the least, let us talk about the best overall label printer right now. The Brother QL-800 Label Printer was manufactured to excel in terms of quality, quantity and vision. With the high speed print mechanism, Brother QL prints 93 address labels every minute in highly detailed 300 DPI resolution!

Next, QL-800 Printer contains every possible label template, font or graphic you might require while customising your labels in its Brother iPrint&Label application. To the surprise of many, this app is completely free to use and compatible with all Android devices. By utilising these features, you can print monochromatic labels, file folders, barcodes, packages, business cards and so much more!

Furthermore, Brother QL-800, like many other label printers, uses direct thermal ink technology. This eliminates additional ink or ribbon costs and makes the printer cheap to run. Now you must be wondering what is so different about this label printer that makes it the best overall printer. The answer to this lies in its splendid black red label technology which supports two vivid coloured printing of labels!


  • Incredibly fast 93 standard address label printing speed per minute
  • High resolution and clear text and graphics with 300 by 600 DPI rate
  • Prints on pages up to 3 ft. Long
  • Automatic cutter speeds with no software installation required
  • Compatible with Windows and MAC software
  • Wireless connectivity and direct printing from MS office and Outlook
  • Backed by two year return policy


  • Not suitable for Etsy and USPS shipping labels

Keeping in mind the aforementioned features of Brother QL-800 High Speed Thermal Label Printer, you can evidently see why it is the best rated overall label printer. Although its use is restricted to certain shipping labels, you can have a pleasant and productive label printing experience with this fantastic machine!

Buying Guide

Now that we have finished listing down the best label printers, let’s talk about the features that make them the very best at their job. Before you decide to buy any printer for label, tag or barcode printing, it is important you look at the following factors in detail:

Label Sizes

Every label printer supports different page sizes. Before you decide on a printer, make sure it is suitable for the length of labels you are looking to print. Your printer should support page size of at the very least 104 mm wide for moderate to big labels.


This is another key detail you should always look at before selecting a label printer. Print resolution determines the quality of your labels and barcodes and is measured in dots per inch (DPI). The higher this value is, the more crisp your text will be and the more accurate your barcodes will turn out. A resolution of 203 DPI is adequate for low text quality whereas a resolution between 300 to 600 DPI produces detailed and high definition output.

Printing Speed

Since label printing is often done in bulk quantity, you need a printer that can keep up with this huge requirement. Print speed defines the performance of your printer and productivity of your office hours. If you also need to extensively print labels or tags, look for a printer with speed of minimum 100mm/s and about seventy labels per minute.


Lastly, remember not to go overboard by purchasing a printer by a renowned brand name. It is crucial that you look for a printer that is not only affordable for you but guarantees no compromise on the output quality and printing performance. For this very reason, remember to read the reviews of any printer thoroughly before finalising it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

You can use a multi-purpose or specific purpose printer for photo and sticker printing. But for label printing, always look for a general purpose printer or dedicated label one as it offers better text quality and compatible page sizes.

The choice between an inkjet and laser printer depends upon your affordability and printing capacity. Although inkjet printers are cheaper than laser ones, they run out of ink frequently. Whereas, laser printers are an expensive investment but have low running cost and faster printing speed for bulk projects.

There are four different types of label printers being inkjet, laser, thermal, and direct thermal. A laser printer is the most expensive yet right choice for bulk label printing. Next, inkjet is a cheaper yet good quality label printing option whereas thermal and direct thermal has the lowest running costs and require no ink or toner cartridges.


Atlast, we have come to the end of our detailed article about the best label printers and their features. We hope our list helps you choose the perfect printer for your office and home and gives you a productive and joyous label printing time!