Top 14 Best mini photo printer -Detailed Reviews and Buying Guide

With the built-in camera of smartphones, you can now capture moments from all around the world without carrying around an actual camera. But what happens when you want to print these pictures to stick in your journal or photo album? In such cases, it becomes important for you to own a mini photo printer.

Best mini photo printer

Mini printers are the perfect partner to take on to all your adventures and relish those moments forever. However, with the hundreds of products available in the market, the decision of choosing the right mini photo printer is a confusing one.

But you no longer need to worry about investing in the wrong printing device because we have listed down the top fifteen mini photo printers of 2022 below! Read their detailed reviews and based on that, decide the right photo printer for you.

What are the best mini photo printers?

Canon IVY Mini Photo Printer
HP Sprocket Instant Photo Printer
Kodak Dock Plus Photo Printer
KODAK Step Mobile Mini Printer 
Zink Polaroid ZIP Wireless Mobile Printer
Phomemo M02 Pocket Printer
Fujifilm Instax Mini Link Smartphone Printer
Canon SELPHY CP1300
Kodak Mini 2 Instant Photo Printer
HP Sprocket Studio Photo Printer
Zink Polaroid Mint Pocket Printer
HP Sprocket Select Instant Photo Printer (Eclipse
Kodak Mini 3 Retro 3×3” Photo Printer
Canon PIXMA TR150 Wireless Mobile Printer
Buying Guide
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Best mini photo printer of 2022?

1. Canon IVY Mini Photo Printer

Best mini photo printer

First and foremost, we have the Canon ivy photo printer with a compact size of 2 by 3 inches. Easy to fit in your pockets and luggage, Canon ivy prints photos up to 2” x 3” with water, tear smudge resistant properties.

Do you like sticking your photos in a journal or on the fridge to relive those memories again and again? Well, you can do that and so much more with the adhesive peel and stick backside of Canon ivy.

Featuring wireless connectivity, you can print using Bluetooth and social media apps directly from your smartphone. Its high 314 by 400 DPI resolution combined with creative editing tools of the Canon mini print app result in vibrant and high-definition photo quality.


● Compact and portable body.

● Super easy installation and set-up.

● Print using Bluetooth, social media and photo gallery.

● 2×3 tear, water and smudge-proof photos with stick and peel backing.

● High 314 by 400 DPI print resolution.

● Canon mini print has editing tools including tile prints, collage prints, AR live filters and image filters.


● Only holds 10 sheets at one time.

● Slow printing speed.

Final Verdict:

For its unbelievably small body, Canon ivy mini photo printer does a great job at delivering good quality printouts in no time. Its 10-sheet capacity and long-lasting photo quality make it ideal for journaling and other small-scale uses.

2. HP Sprocket Instant Photo Printer

Best mini photo printer

Finished in a sleek, slim and portable design, we are now going to look at the HP Sprocket instant photo printer. Equipped with a rechargeable battery, you can carry this printer in your purse or pocket and charge it with a standard USB cable.

HP Sprocket prints directly through your social media accounts and is compatible with Bluetooth 5.0, Android 5.0+ and iOS 10+ versions. It supports borderless 2” x 3” photos and comes with a sleep mode to save battery otherwise drained on its Bluetooth connectivity.

To offer vivid printouts at a low cost, HP mini photo printer operates on the ZINK zero ink technology. This not only saves toner replacement costs but produces amazing quality smudge, tear and water-proof photos. You can stick these photos on a variety of surfaces and customize their font, styles etc. using HP’s free editing app.


● Lightweight and portable body easily fits in a backpack, purse or pocket.

● Prints borderless 2”x3” photographs directly from social media apps.

● Compatible with Bluetooth 5.0, Android 5.0+ and iOS 10+ devices.

● Rechargeable battery with sleep mode.  

● Smudge, water and tear resistant pictures with sticky backside.

● ZINK zero ink technology uses embedded colours in the paper for high definition photo quality.

● Considerably lowers ink replacement costs.

● HP mobile app features thousands of fonts, emoji, stickers and borders for customization options.


  • Photographs need time to cool down and might curl during this period.

Final Verdict:

The ZINK zero ink technology offers a compromise between affordability and moderate photo quality. Making use of this system, HP Sprocket is rightly deemed as the most affordable mini photo printer of 2022.

3. Kodak Dock Plus Photo Printer

Best mini photo printer

With years of experience under its belt, Kodak has become one of the most popular names for printers and cameras. Their Dock Plus 4 by 6 inch instant photo printer is designed to fulfil your border and borderless printing needs.

Offering a stable Bluetooth connection at all times, you can simply dock your mini printer and print photos at an increasingly fast speed. Additionally, its low replacement and per unit print cost make it an economical choice for those on a tight budget.

Worried about your photo quality degrading with time? Kodak’s 4Pass technology takes care of this problem and laminates the printouts for a fingerprint and water-proof effect. This technology also promises bright colours whereas the AR app lets you customize your images with fonts, themes and filters!


● 4 by 6 inches compact and lightweight design.

● Suitable for border and borderless photos.

● 4Pass technology with layers of ribbon and lamination for long-lasting photo quality.

● Supports stable Bluetooth connection and low per unit photo cost.

● Dock and charge feature for high speed photo printing.

● Compatible with Kodak AR app containing thousands of fonts, frames and augmented reality features.


  • Low and dull photo quality.
  • Kodak mobile app is not user-friendly.

Final Verdict:

Offering stable Bluetooth connection, low print cost and compact design, Kodak Dock Plus photo printer is only ideal for amateur photographers. If you are looking for a professional level printer, you might want to skip to the next product we have in store for you.

4. KODAK Step Mobile Mini Printer

Best mini photo printer

Whether you are an influencer, crafter or just a teenager who loves to capture pictures of memorable events, the new Kodak Step mini printer is here to take your photography to the next level.

Finished in a colourful, compact and lightweight body, this mini printer provides photos that easily stick on your laptop or fridge with its sticky backside. Alongside this, a protective coating ensures your photos are resistant to tear, water and smudges at all times.

To deliver professional quality photographs, Kodak Step printer operates on ZINK zero ink technology. This utilizes the embedded dye crystals within the paper to enrich your photos with colours and detail. Lastly, the Bluetooth, NFC and wireless connection let you print directly using your smartphone.


● Attractive and compact body.

● Print directly from social media apps, Bluetooth and NFC networks.

● ZINK zero ink technology has embedded dye crystals within the paper for rich colours.

● Water, tear and smudge free photo quality with sticky backside.

● Fast monochrome and colour print speed of 1.0 page per minute.

● Compatible with free and creative KODAK editing app.


● Minor connectivity problems.

● Skews the colour profile by making it too warm.

Final Verdict:

Delivering an attractive exterior and promising performance, Kodak step is the most versatile mini photo printer available in the market right now. Get your hands on this mobile printer to enhance your photo quality and speed in no time.

5. Zink Polaroid ZIP Wireless Mobile Printer 

Best mini photo printer

With the growing popularity of ZINK zero technology, the Zink ZIP photo printer has proven to be the best travel partner for all your adventures. Finished in a light, pocket-sized body, Zink ZIP printer is suitable for DIY projects, laptop stickers and polaroid photos during vacations.

Functioning on wireless connectivity, you can control ZIP polaroid using your smartphone, tablet or social media accounts. This printer uses an additional protective layer on its photographs to guarantee resistance towards water, smudges and tears, meanwhile its adhesive backside sticks on various surfaces.  

Finally, let’s talk about the ink system of this mobile printer. Featuring ZINK zero technology and embedded colour crystals, ZIP printer delivers photographs with striking contrast and sharpness. You can also use the free Polaroid app to edit your pictures and get them printed within a minute!


● Portable body with one-touch setup.

● Supports wireless, NFC and Bluetooth networks.

● ZINK zero ink technology with embedded colour crystals for rich quality.

● Compatible with free Polaroid mobile app and prints within 60 seconds.

● Peel and stick backside with protective coating for smudge, tear and water-proof quality.

● Draw directly on screen and edit using thousands of filters and themes available.


● Photos are sometimes too dark.

● Polaroid mobile app does not have a user-friendly interface.

Final Verdict:

For the affordable price it is sold at, Zink Polaroid ZIP wireless mobile printer does much more than a user’s expectations. It is a major throwback to vintage polaroid cameras and one of the best mini photo printers for newbie photographers and crafters.

6. Phomemo M02 Pocket Printer

Best mini photo printer

Are you looking for a printer that does more than just printing high quality photos? If yes, then the multi-purpose Phomemo M02 pocket printer is the perfect choice for you. Suitable for study notes, shopping list and photos, MO2 is a monochromatic, versatile and portable pocket printer.

Featuring Bluetooth 4.0, Android 4.0 and iOS 8.0 compatibility, you can print remotely using your smartphone or tablet. In addition to printing in only black and white colours, Phomemo also prints in blue colour on special and transparent pages.

Knowing how expensive ink replacements can be, Phomemo M02 makes use of thermal paper that prints without needing any ink supplies. Thirdly, the powerful pocket printer app has features like one-click printing, OCR text recognition and thousands of unique templates to enhance the quality of your pictures!


● Multi-functional photo, notes and list printer.

● 3.38 * 3.22 * 1.65 inches pocket friendly design.

● Supports Bluetooth 4.0, Android and iOS devices.

● Thermal printing technology cuts down ink costs.

● Prints in blue colour on special pages.

● Prints on transparent paper in black and white colours.

● Powerful mobile apps contain features like one-click printing, web printing, micro-office document printing etc.

● Edit and customise your images using the free and unique templates, fonts and themes.


  • Printout quality fades over time.

Final Verdict:

Equipped with thermal printing technology and smart OCR recognition features, Phomemo M02 is the best monochromatic mini printer for various uses and printing styles.

7. Fujifilm Instax Mini Link Smartphone Printer

Best mini photo printer

Following Fujifilm’s Share SP-2 series, the latest Instax mini link smartphone printer does everything its predecessor did but better. With a stylish, sleek and lightweight design, Instax Mini Link has Bluetooth and wireless capabilities for remote printing.

Simply download the free instax mini link mobile application and choose between print and fun modes available! You can also use the surprise mode to keep the picture hidden until it’s ready for you to see or directly print a frame from your favourite video.

As opposed to conventional polaroid printers that take up as much as ten minutes to develop your photos, Fujifilm Instax Mini offers a lightning fast print speed. This device prints photos of sizes 800 by 600 dots within 12 seconds and does it for over 100 photos on full battery.


● Sleek, slim and light body.

● Bluetooth and wireless compatibility with your smartphone or tablet.

● Rechargeable battery prints up to 100 photos at full life.

● Prints photos in only 12 seconds.

● Video, surprise and collage print modes for unmatched creativity.

● Free Instax mini link app features thousands of frames, fonts and filters to edit your pictures.


● No physical controls on its body to select print modes manually.

● Printers are not very durable.

Final Verdict:

Although you cannot guarantee that Fujifilm Instax mini link printer will last you for the last time or not, its fast speed and advanced print modes have made it one of the fastest and best mini photo printers of 2022.

8. Canon SELPHY CP1300 

Best mini photo printer

Next up, we have the ideal printer for every beginner and professional photographer that struggles with controlling complex machines. The Canon SELPHY CP1300 is designed in a sleek, smart and light body to accompany you on your business trips and adventures.

Usable on different page sizes such as postcard, square label and card size, Canon CP1300 prints from your phone’s memory card and social media accounts. Furthermore, its photo booth mode captures spontaneous moments and prints them on 4 by 6 strips of glossy paper!

Canon has always promised everlasting photo quality in all its products. Living up to this reputation, SELPHY CP1300 delivers water, tear and smudge-proof photos that retain their colours for over 100 years! Finally, the tilted 3.2” LCD makes navigation easier and faster than ever before.


● Sleek, compact and portable body.

● Supports different page sizes like postcard, square label and card size.

● Wireless network with direct printing from memory card, USB flash and social media accounts.

● Tilt-up and user-friendly 3.2” LCD for easy navigation.

● Photo booth mode prints four pictures on 4 by 6 paper strips and party shuffle designs creative collages.


● Difficult to change the toner once it runs out.

● Paper and ink replacement is very expensive.

Final Verdict:

Despite its expensive paper and ink costs, Canon SELPHY CP1300 does a great job at providing high definition photos on different page sizes. However, it is its tilt-up LCD and compatible editing app that make it the most user-friendly mini photo printer in the market.

9. Kodak Mini 2 Instant Photo Printer

Best mini photo printer

How can we make a list about the best printers without mentioning the most trusted name for it?  The Kodak Mini 2 is an extremely compatible photo printer that works with wireless connectivity for remote printing. Additionally, it features a rechargeable battery that charges by any standard USB cable for use in rugged environments.

The most unique and show-stopping feature of this printer lies in its all-in-one cartridge system. Smartly merging colour and ink systems together, you only need to maintain and replace a single cartridge in Kodak Mini 2 before getting started with printing photos. The printouts are also laminated to protect them for water, tear or smudges, thereby increasing their lifetime.

Next, let’s shine some light on the integrated 4Pass ink technology of this mini photo printer. Using this system, Mini 2 delivers vibrant and detailed photo quality that dries in just a few seconds. Thirdly, the free Kodak photo app gives access to unlimited stickers, themes and other decorative features to customize and share your creations with others on the app.


● Lightweight and compact body for wallet-sized printouts.

● 4pass ink technology offers vivid colours and lamination retains photo quality for a long time.

● All-in-one ink and paper cartridges make refilling easier and convenient.

● Built-in rechargeable battery that charges by any standard USB cord.  

● Printouts are resistant to water and smudges and dry instantly.

● Compatible with the free Kodak photo app containing thousands of fonts, themes, stickers and other decorative elements.


● Very loud when in use.  

● The Kodak photo app is difficult to use and jams very often.

Final Verdict:

Using the innovative all-in-one cartridge system, Kodak Mini 2 is definitely one of the best mini photo printers for amateur and skilled users who like experimenting with new things. Just be wary of its loud noise and avoid using it in closed spaces like libraries and classrooms.

10. HP Sprocket Studio Photo Printer

Best mini photo printer

If you cannot compromise on your photo quality at any costs, we urge you to invest in HP Sprocket Studio photo printer. With its instant plug and start use, Sprocket Studio prints on glossy photo paper and normal paper of size 4 by 6 inches.

Do you, like many other users, hate using a printer that is bound by a cord system? You can say goodbye to this limitation with HP Sprocket’s optional portable battery that charges through a USB cable or power bank easily.

To retain the colours and quality of your photos, HP promises a smudge, water and tear resistant surface that lasts for up to 100 years without degrading in any way. Moreover, the free HP Sprocket app offers creative themes, filters and fonts in addition to its augmented reality features.


● Suitable for 4×6” glossy photo paper and cartridge bundle.

● Prints directly from cloud services, social media apps and Bluetooth connection.

● Photos are resistant to tear, water and smudges and last for 100 years.

● Equipped with a portable battery that recharges cordlessly using a power bank.

● HP Sprocket app features decorative elements, augmented reality and shared print queues.

● Backed by a one year hardware warranty.


  • Expensive option.

Final Verdict:

We admit that HP Sprocket Studio is much more expensive as compared to other printers in this list but with features like augmented reality and portable battery, this photo printer is worth every penny spent on it and more!

11. Zink Polaroid Mint Pocket Printer

Best mini photo printer

Amazingly cool on the outside and highly efficient on the inside, Zink Polaroid Mint pocket printer is a must have for families and friends to take on their vacations. With a weight of barely 5.7 ounce and 5x3x0.7 measurements, this photo printer easily slips in your pocket, purses and backpacks.

As its name states, Zink polaroid printer operates on ZINK zero ink technology. This eradicates the need for ink cartridges and instead uses the embedded colour crystals in ZINK paper to produce high definition photos. Moreover, the powerful built-in battery recharges in no time and prints up to 50 photographs in one go!

Similar to most of the printers in our list, Zink mint polaroid features Bluetooth and wireless connection. Share and print pictures directly from your smart device after editing them using the free and creative polaroid mobile app!


● Weighs 5.7 ounces and finished in a compact body.

● Built-in Bluetooth connectivity supports printing from all smart devices.

● Integrated powerful and rechargeable battery with 50 photographs per charge.

● ZINK zero ink technology cuts down on ink costs and produces rich embedded colours.

● Combine paper and ink cartridge for optimum convenience.


● Only includes 5 sheets of paper.

● Medium quality photos.

Final Verdict:

Despite its medium quality photos and limited photo sheets, Zink Polaroid mint pocket printer has satisfied its customers with low replacement costs and all-in-one ink paper cartridge, rightly claiming its spot as the best mini photo printer of 2022.  

12. HP Sprocket Select Instant Photo Printer (Eclipse)

Best mini photo printer

HP Select Instant is the latest inclusion to its Sprocket series and here to outdo all of its previous editions. Structured in a slim and portable body, HP select prints up to 30% large photos as compared to the original sprocket printer.

Secondly, the seamless Bluetooth connectivity and tag to print mode allow you to instantly filter, find and print pictures from your social media accounts by just a hashtag. This instant photo printer operates on glossy photo paper and has a stick and peel backside.

What is an HP printer if not loaded with the smartest features? Utilizing the augmented reality fun features, shared print queues and hidden videos, you can unleash your full potential on the HP sprocket app and get a chance to turn your freestyle doodles into custom stickers!


● Finished in a slim and portable body.

● Prints 30% larger images and can be used on glossy photo paper.

● Sticky backside with resistance to smudges, water and tears.

● HP Sprocket app contains features like augmented reality and personalized stickers.

● Backed by a one year hardware warranty.


● Not quite durable.

● Difficult to find a photo album that fits large printed photos.

Final Verdict:

HP has managed to leave its customers in awe once again with the Sprocket Select instant photo printer. The printer might not last you for a long time but while it does work, it delivers the highest level of performance and picture quality.

13. Kodak Mini 3 Retro 3×3” Photo Printer

Best mini photo printer

As most of you must already know, mini photo printers can be quite expensive to buy and refill. However, much to the surprise of many customers, the same cannot be said about the Kodak Mini 3 Retro Photo printer. Finished in a compact 3 by 3” body, Kodak Mini 3 has unbelievably low cost per photo.

This retro printer lets you print border and borderless photos easily of larger sizes. Additionally, the 4Pass ink technology uses layers of ribbons to enrich your photos with colours and clarity.

Meanwhile, a layer of lamination keeps your pictures protected from water, fingerprints or smudges to enhance the lifetime of your photo quality. Finally, you can download the free AR app and use the available augmented reality features, themes and fonts to customize your pictures as per your preference.


● 3 by 3 inches compact body.

● 4Pass technology with lamination for vibrant colours and long-lasting quality.

● Supports border and borderless photos of larger sizes.

● Compatible with Kodak AR app for thousands of decorative elements and smart features.


● Kodak photo app is not user-friendly and crashes very often.

Final Verdict:

Blending fun filters, retro photos and cool design together, the Kodak Mini 3 is one of the most budget-friendly mini photo printers out there.

14. Canon PIXMA TR150 Wireless Mobile Printer

Best mini photo printer

Last but definitely not the least, we have the Canon PIXMA TR150 wireless mobile printer. Weighing about 6.7 pounds and finished in a sleek body, Canon PIXMA is ideal for home and office uses.  

Whether you want to print professional documents, borderless photos or advertising brochures, Canon PIXMA TR150 has got you covered. It prints directly from Android phones using the Mopria Print service whereas AirPrint mode is used for iOS devices.

To ease up your workflow, TR150 features a smart five custom template option that saves frequently used templates and prints them remotely. Lastly, the innovative 1.44” OLED touch screen makes the printer easy to set up and navigate.


● 6.7 pound light and compact body.

● 1.44 inches OLED display for user-friendly navigation.

● Wireless and remote printing using AirPrint and Mopria print service.

● Save five custom templates for direct printing from smartphones and cloud services.

● Suitable for professional documents, advertising brochures and borderless photos.


● Slightly expensive.

● Setting up a connection with your phone is complicated.

Final Verdict:

With its versatile use, five custom templates and innovative OLED screen, Canon PIXMA TR150 is the highest quality mini photo printer available right now. If you can afford its initial high cost and slightly complex setup, this photo printer promises to make your crafting hours more fun and productive than ever before!

Buying Guide

Now that we have finished listing down the best mini photo printers of this year, it is time we talk about the features that make them so good at what they do. Before buying a mini photo printer, always consider the following factors.  

How portable is your printer?

The most important factor when looking for a mini photo printer is its portability. Since mini photo printers serve as perfect travel partners, your printer must be light enough to carry without any strains or backaches. Also, it should have a compact body that easily fits in your pockets, purse or backpacks.

How durable is the body?

Buying a printer is a one time investment and if not done right, it can lead to the downside of your business and love for crafting. Before purchasing a photo printer, look at its structure and components to deduce how resistant it is towards impacts and falls. A good mini printer withstands few accidental falls and lasts for at least a year or more.

What type of media does it support?

Since mini printers are mainly used for photos and stickers, you must see if they support glossy photo paper or not. Many mini printers also offer border and borderless photo printing for added versatility and come with a sticky backside, making it ideal for laptop and refrigerator stickers.

What is the image resolution?

Lastly, you need to check the resolution of your selected mini printer and based on that, decide if it delivers good quality photos or not. This value is measured in dots per inch (DPI). Always look for a higher DPI as it means your photos will turn out vibrant, sharp and crisp.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The answer to this varies depending upon your personal preference and opinion but most users agree that the best brands for photo printers include Canon, Epson , HP and Fujifilm.

Yes! With a much faster print speed, better print quality and portable nature, mini photo printers are outstanding travel partners and definitely worth investing on.

The answer to this is based on the quantity and quality of printouts you need. For small-scale and high quality photos, use an inkjet printer whereas a laser printer is ideal for busy offices with heavy-duty document printing.

The mini photos are available in credit-card size of 5.4 by 8.6 cm. These photos easily fit in your wallet or pockets and have an empty white frame to write fun messages on.


Alas, we have reached the end of our article about the best mini photo printers of 2020 and its buyer’s guide. We hope this helps you find the right printer for you that will take your love for crafting to the next level!