Top 5 best color printer for stickers

TOP 5 best color printer for stickers -Detailed Reviews and Buying Guide

Stickers are a super cool detail to add to your projects and customize various living spaces with. Be it for your business or love for art and crafts, printing DIY stickers is a skill that has become incredibly useful with time. But to do this perfectly, you need the right colored sticker printer with you.

best color printer for stickers

With so many products available in the market promising high quality sticker printouts, you must be confused about which printer to buy. Well, worry no more because we are here to help you make an informed decision and list down the highest rated coloured printers for stickers of 2022!

What are the best color printer for stickers?

Epson EcoTank ET-4760 Wireless Color Printer
Brother VC-500W Versatile Compact Color Label and Photo Printer
Kodak Dock Plus 4×6” Portable Instant Photo Printer
Epson EcoTank Photo ET-8500 Printer
Godex RT700i 4″ Thermal Transfer Printer
Buying Guide
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

TOP 5 best color printer for stickers In 2022

Epson EcoTank ET-4760 Wireless Color Printer

best color printer for stickers

First up, we have the most affordable and reliable color printer in the market right now. The Epson EcoTank 4760 is an all-in-one wireless printer that also functions as a scanner and copying machine. It contains a high-resolution flatbed scanner alongside the 2.4 inches wide coloured display for convenient navigation.

If you often print stickers in bulk then you must already know how frustrating it is to constantly feed papers to your printer due to its limited tray capacity. To eliminate this struggle completely, the Epson ET-4760 comes equipped with a generous 250-sheet paper tray! Not only this, its automatic document feeder lets you sit back and relax while the printer completes its job efficiently.

Next, let’s talk about the most important aspect of every coloured sticker printer, its print quality. Making use of the unique and impressive precision core heat free technology, Epson offers extremely sharp and bright graphics. Additionally, the Claria ET pigment black ink offers crisp text and photos on all types of papers!

Ecotank have always been a landmark for quality at an affordable price. Living up to this reputation, the Epson ET printer is equipped with ink tanks of magnificent capacity. The exclusive EcoFit bottles are hassle free to refill and enhance your productivity hours greatly.

Much to the surprise of many, the affordability of this amazing printer does not end here. Instead, the ET-4760 printer comes with enough ink to last you at least two years and helps you save up to 90% on replacement ink cartridges. Following its zero cartridge waste policy, buying an Epson printer means reducing waste that eventually ends up in landfills and becomes a hazard for the environment.

Lastly, let us discuss the connectivity options EcoTank sticker printer has to offer. Featuring Ethernet, wireless and voice-activated printing capabilities, you can instantly instruct your printer what to do through the Epson Smart Panel App on your smartphone!


  • Compact and sleek outer body
  • Multi-functional printer, flatbed scanner and copier
  • Automatic, messy and hassle-free bottle refilling
  • Automatic paper feeder with 250-sheet capacity
  • Dual side printing and 2.4” colour display for navigation
  • Heat free technology and Claria ET pigment for sharp graphics
  • Improved Ethernet and Wi-Fi connectivity
  • User-friendly Epson Panel smart app for easy control


  • Paper feed is not covered
  • Makes slight squeaky noise

Keeping in mind its affordable price and innovative ink refill technology, the Epson EcoTank ET-4760 printer is great for printing high quality stickers without going overboard with over the top features and complex buttons. It’s a simple, efficient and compact machine for beginner and skilled craftsmen.

Brother VC-500W Versatile Compact Color Label and Photo Printer

best color printer for stickers

Whether you intend to use your printer for graphics, stickers or any other customizable project, the next product in our list is sure to cater all your needs effortlessly. Brother VC-500W is the most versatile coloured sticker printer of 2022 and here to boost the standard of all kinds of printouts.

Designed with an easy to connect and use network, VC-500W supports wireless printing directly from your smartphone and tablet. It is well suited to create labels, photos, stickers in addition to being used for home decor, party favours and creative school projects!

Despite being relatively new in the market, Brother VC-500W has made a notable name for itself through its extensive customizability options available for use. Featuring a completely free colour label editor app, this sticker printer brings with it thousands of fonts, frames and ready to use designs! Moreover, you can print directly from up to ten thousand AirPrint enabled apps.

Now, you must wonder exactly what is so special about this specific printer that makes it the best for DIY stickers and labels. To answer this question, it is time we talk about its innovative ink technology. Utilizing the Zink zero mechanism, Brother VC-500W needs no ink to operate and provide sharp graphics. Rather, all colours are embedded in the Zink paper that has water, tear and smudge resistant properties.

Requiring no expensive ink cartridges or ribbons, Brother’s photo printer is very cheap to run and offers adhesive backing for rich, stable stickers. It also contains an integrated automatic cutter that supports half and full cuts at the ideal length. Like all the other products by Brother, the VC-500W compact printer also comes with one year warranty and lifetime technical support services.


  • Compact two-in-one printer and cutter
  • Versatile use makes it suitable for labels, photos, stickers, home decor and gift items
  • Zero ink technology needs no ribbons, cartridge or toner supply
  • High quality, water, tear and smudge resistant ZINK paper with adhesive backing
  • Compatible with free colour label editor app, offering thousands of designs, fonts and templates
  • Wireless network makes it easy to connect and use from smartphone or tablet
  • Automatic cutter doe half and full cuts of right lengths
  • Backed by one year manufacturer warranty


  • Takes lots of time to set up
  • Complaints about colours fading away quickly

Sure, the device needs some time and effort to set up, but once this is done, Brother VC-500W is guaranteed to provide a platform to unleash your creativity on! With its impressive editor app and versatile use, this photo printer is here to take your sticker making skills to the next level.

Kodak Dock Plus 4×6” Portable Instant Photo Printer

best color printer for stickers

Do you frequently move between different places and want a printer that you can carry around all the time? If yes, then the Kodak Dock Plus is the best choice for you. Designed in a super compact and lightweight design, Kodak Dock is the most portable color sticker printer right now!

Developed to support two different photo types, you can use this printer for border as well as borderless photos. Moreover, Kodak Dock Plus is compatible with iOS, Android and Bluetooth connection. With its dock and charge mode, this printer not only prints your pictures in a matter of seconds but guarantees a stable Bluetooth connection as well.

Moving on, let us talk about the photo quality offered by the Kodak Dock Plus printer. It utilizes the advanced 4Pass technology which prints photos through layers of ribbon and laminates them at the end. This helps protect your photographs from fingerprints and water, thereby ensuring that they stay in good quality for a long time.

Kodak is known all around the globe for bringing its customers products that are not only easy but fun to use too! Similarly, this Dock Plus printer comes with a preinstalled and free AR application. You can edit your stickers with the augmented reality features, fonts, frames, filters and other decorative designs present in this splendid photo editing app. 

Alas, it is time we debate whether the Kodak Dock Plus printer is worth spending money on or not. Combining good quality photos, portability and editing tools together, Kodak’s Dock Printer is sold at an unbelievably affordable price and definitely worth the attention it gets!


  • Lightweight, compact and portable body
  • 4Pass technology with laminated photos for protection against water and fingerprints
  • Used for both, border and borderless photos
  • Dock your phone and print images instantly with Dock and Charge feature
  • Extensive designs and templates available on the downloaded AR photo editor app
  • Sold at a budget-friendly price


  • Cannot print directly from Bluetooth
  • Photos are of good quality but still light and not up to professional standard

Through its easy controls, portable body and mediocre to good quality photos, Kodak Dock Plus Instant Photo is rightly deemed as one of the best home color sticker printers for beginners. But if you are looking for a printer that does not compromise on the quality of your images in any way, continue reading on.

Epson EcoTank Photo ET-8500 Printer

best color printer for stickers

Having already talked about the performance promised in Epson printers, let us bring your attention to another star-stellar sticker printer released to bring colours to your stickers, photos and labels! The Epson EcoTank ET-8500 is a multi-functional printer, scanner and copier for standard and photographic papers.

Are you relatively new to the hobby of printing stickers and find it hard to operate complex devices? If yes, then you will be glad to hear about the simple front loading paper tray of Epson EcoTank printer. Equipped with automatic dual printing mode and paper feeder, this Supertank printer is very easy to learn and use even by tech savvy users.

Furthermore, the installed vibrant 4.3-inch touch panel display helps you navigate and issue printing commands by a single touch, allowing PC-free printing at any time! Like all the other devices of Epson, ET-8500 also comes with wireless, USB and Ethernet connectivity. Simply connect your mobile using the Epson Smart Panel app and print, scan or monitor everything your printer does from your phone.

Secondly, the ability to print two different types of photos on thicker, fine art papers makes the Epson ET-8600 perfect for color sticker and photo printing. In addition to being a brilliant printer, Epson EcoTank also functions as a high-resolution scanner. Providing 4800 DPI 48-bit resolution, you can achieve professional quality monochromatic or coloured scans and copies with this device.

Next, let’s look at the ink cartridge cost and affordability of the Epson ET-8600 photo printer. Following its zero-cartridge waste policy, Epson’s Ecotank includes high-yield ink bottles which have supremely low replacement costs. Additionally, the exclusive ecofit bottle design refills the cartridges without wasting or leaving ink stains all over the floor.


  • Multi-functional printer, copier and scanner
  • Supports printing on different paper types such as cardstock, DVD/CDs and thicker, art pages
  • Easy and hassle-free refill with exclusive Ecofit bottles
  • 4800 DPI high resolution flatbed scanner
  • Coloured 4.3-inch touch panel display
  • Wireless, Ethernet and USB connectivity using the Epson Smart Panel app
  • Simple front loading and dual printing
  • Vivid printouts with Claria ET Premium 6-colour ink cartridges
  • Backed by two-year manufacturer warranty


  • Considerably slow print speed
  • Expensive

Keeping in mind the long list of advantages of the Epson Wireless EcoTank ET-8500 printer, it is definitely worth every penny spent on it. Featuring the smart Claria ET ink technology and touch panel, this is one of the highest quality color sticker printers in the market right now despite its slow printing speed.

Godex RT700i 4″ Thermal Transfer Printer

best color printer for stickers

Last but not the least, we have an underrated yet reliable label and sticker printer for beginner and professional users. Godex is a new name in the electronic industry but has quickly won over many customers with its powerful and portable RT700i printer.

Finished in a modern clam-shell body, Godex RT has a user-friendly interface. With its coloured intuitive TFT LCD panel, even the most technologically challenged users can control and operate the printer with ease. Moreover, the rod-less label holder accounts for smooth and effortless paper feeding capability.

Understanding how most people find it difficult to load and unload papers in their label printer, Godex RT700i has a convenient loading system. Supporting Ethernet, USB and Serial transmission, this printer is compatible with multiple networking options.

Calibrating a printer can turn out to be an exhausting task in numerous printers. Luckily enough, the inventive C button of Godex’s label printer takes care of this problem and helps in instant and easy calibration. Lastly, you can make use of the free GoLabel software to edit your stickers and labels with thousands of fonts, frames and designs available for you!


  • Multi-functional barcode reader, label and sticker printing device
  • Minimalistic and stylish clam-shell design
  • Rod-less label holder for even feeding and trouble-free loading
  • Fast and simple calibration using thoughtful C button
  • High 203 DPI resolution
  • User-friendly coloured TFT LCD control panel
  • Compatible with Ethernet, USB and Serial host
  • Included free GoLabel design software


  • Mainly a label printer, not the best for stickers

Equipped with advanced features like the C button and rod-less label holder, Godex RT700i thermal transfer printer is surely one of its kind. While it promises a completely unproblematic label printing experience, its low resolution makes it only a moderate option for sticker or photo printing.

Buying Guide

Now that we have finished listing down the top five color sticker printers of 2022, it is time we talk about the prominent features that make any printer perfect for colored sticker printing. These include:

Printing Resolution

First and foremost, we need to look at the printing resolution of every color printer. This resolution determines how rich and sharp your photos, stickers or labels will turn out and whether the colors will fade away over a short course of time or not.

Printing resolution is measured in terms of dots per inch (DPI) and the higher this value is, the brighter and richer your print quality is. For a moderate print quality, your printer should have at least 500 DPI whereas for professional standard printouts, look for a value between 1200 to 4800 DPI.


Secondly, you need to consider the compatibility of your printer with various networking options and decide if it is flexible enough to suit your preference or not. Latest color sticker printers are usually equipped with wireless connection, which is an absolute essential for everyone who wants to continue printing stickers even from remote locations.

Apart from this PC-free networking, many printers support Ethernet and USB facilities as well. Bluetooth Smart feature also improves networking opportunities by providing a fast and stable connection with a nearby smartphone or tablet.

Paper type

Another key aspect in purchasing the right sticker printer for use is to check the kind of paper types it operates on. While printing stickers, it is important that your printer functions properly on a thicker and glossier page in addition to offering a choice between border and borderless type of printing.

Sticker printing is an extensive field and is often done on unconventional materials like CD, DVD and home decor materials. In such cases, always make sure that your desired printer is versatile enough to be used on these materials without running into any problem.


Following its versatility, you must consider the size of any printer to deduce its portability. Although it is a known fact that heavier printers have fast printing speed and processors, they can be a nuisance when you are frequently travelling from one place to another. In accordance with their huge size, these printers are also difficult to fit in small offices or packed spaces.

On the other hand, smaller and compact printers prove to be good partners for home and small-scale office use. But remember that they are a compromise between size and speed of the processor and only make the final choice depending upon your own personal preference.


Last, let us talk about the approximate price of a good, reliable and sturdy sticker printer. Since printers are a one time investment and can greatly boost the profit of your business, you must be willing to spend a moderate sum on them. But, at the same time, be wary of overspending on a printer just for the sake of a popular brand name.

Instead, look for the features mentioned above and based on that, decide the suitability of a printing machine with your use. A satisfactory printer can cost anywhere between 500 to 1200 dollars.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The answer to this varies from person to person but some of the highest rated colour sticker printers include:

Inkjet printers are cheaper in cost and easier to operate but have slow printing speed as compared to laser printers. They also run out of ink in a much shorter span. On the other hand, laser printers are initially expensive but can print up to 5000 pages before running out of ink and that too, at very fast speed.

Stickers fade away after some time due to harsh sun rays or when they routinely come in contact with water. To increase their lifetime, you can try using a self adhesive laminating sheet or thermal laminator. Moreover, using UV-protectant ink helps reduce fading of stickers after short intervals.

Inkjet and laser are the most popular printers for sticker and photo printing. However, you can use thermal printers too over sticker pages that have mass between 48 to 70 gsm. This is because a paper thinner than this is not strong enough to bear the heat of a thermal printer.


With that being said, we have reached the end of our article about the best color sticker printers for beginners, professionals and hobbyist sticker makers. We hope that our list and buying guide help you make an informed decision that will take your business up a notch and make your sticker printing experience fun, productive and creative!